Are You Surrounded by Those Who Support Your Vision?

Let’s face it, not everyone is going to accept everything about us. Problems arise for us when those who surround us are not accepting of who we are. Even more difficult is to be around those who simply do not support our vision in life. The condition has a tendency to cause us to beContinue reading “Are You Surrounded by Those Who Support Your Vision?”

You Are Never Abandoned

  Feeling abandoned is horrible. Yet, it is only a feeling and not “Truth”. People tend to look at the idea of abandonment and believe it means that there is no one to turn to or someone human has left us. Although this is a human and valid feeling it is only a limited truth.Continue reading “You Are Never Abandoned”

Some Memories Are Just Too Precious

Back in the 90’s I was a struggling mom with five children. I was married to someone who was not very supportive of our family and often was gone for long spurts of time. Faith is not even a strong enough word for what I needed to have. My older son was about 12 yearsContinue reading “Some Memories Are Just Too Precious”

How Men Can Be Supportive

The most confident of women still need the support of the men who surround them. As much as we do not like to admit this, the men in our lives have a strong pull regarding our self image, confidence, and successes in life. Even God tells us to not be unequally yolked because if twoContinue reading “How Men Can Be Supportive”