Are You Surrounded by Those Who Support Your Vision?

Let’s face it, not everyone is going to accept everything about us. Problems arise for us when those who surround us are not accepting of who we are. Even more difficult is to be around those who simply do not support our vision in life. The condition has a tendency to cause us to be fake in order to be supported and accepted. If we are not strong enough in our convictions we will compromise our journey just to appease others.

People who have negative thoughts about what you believe, the vision you carry, or the person you desire to become, will cause you to struggle in your process. Not only that, they will never give you supportive comments and ideas that can help you along in your journey. No one is ever expected to create things in life by themselves. It takes the loving support of others to help us make our dreams come true. Like it or not, this is the process of Oneness we have in this life. People don’t have to join our journey with us but supportive views and even connections will help our plans succeed.

Our solution is to be strong enough and have more conviction inside ourselves to let people go when they are not supportive of our process. It’s a hard lesson because we tend to hold onto relationships for the sake of familiarity. The wisdom of the bible states if two do not agree they can not walk together. This means there is a need to be in agreement with what we are inside, what we desire to become, and what we want to accomplish.

Can you imagine those who put down your journey every time you mention it? This causes so much discouragement inside. We might think we are strong enough to endure it but remember. what goes out into the universe is returned to us. This means even through the company we keep!

Stick with those who support you and love you for who you are. They are those who encourage your steps, will applaud your successes, and even give you a hand along the way! Don’t be unequally yoked with people and relationships who will cause you to not be genuine within yourself and your beliefs. It’s true there are some who will agree to disagree, but to agree on the things we do will cause a flow of blessing like no other!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry

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If You Would Like to Support My Blog and Business Efforts

Ever since I was a little girl I was told by teachers and parents I should write. It did not matter whether my writing was poetry, a book, or a newsletter, it seemed important for me to communicate in writing. For the last six years my writing has been through my blog.

Many years ago I wrote and submitted to magazines. I ended up the editor of a spiritual publication. One of my biggest suggestions is to write “that book” that everyone seems to think, or believe, is “in me”. Believe me, I am considering it!

I love giving my readers the best information I can obtain. Most often my writing gives personal, spiritual and mindful advice. I’d like to think I have an inner advisor! Regardless to what venue I use to pass on information I also believe the information is worth its weight in gold.

There are a few ways to support my efforts. One way is to use my services as an empowerment coach and hypnotherapist! Another way is to use the businesses I am affiliated with or subscribe to. One of them is Avon.

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Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, Ph.D.

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You Are Never Abandoned


woman standing under yellow leaf tree
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Feeling abandoned is horrible. Yet, it is only a feeling and not “Truth”. People tend to look at the idea of abandonment and believe it means that there is no one to turn to or someone human has left us. Although this is a human and valid feeling it is only a limited truth. The reality is we are never abandoned and never ever alone. Dark nights can loom up during hard moments. Our breath can feel tight and in response our bodies become tight as well. Maybe those that used to be on the other end of a phone line are not there any longer, but this does not mean abandonment.

God has given to us a sweet choir of spiritual support that never will go away from us. God’s promise is to command angels to watch over us, especially in times of trial and confusion. All it takes is to go out and listen to the sound of the breeze moving through the trees. There is a beauty in the sound and a sense of God’s support. The sun shines brightly and the sparkle upon water or in the green grass can be even more calming than even the voice of a human being.

God’s love letter speaks to us about never being abandoned as orphans. I believe we have much more in the spirit world than we often care to admit. Where do those ideas come from when we wake up in the morning? Or, even those spiritual downloads while in the shower, drying our hair, or driving with the windows down on a long country road? It’s God’s spiritual watch committee that is there every time of day or night. Angels are activated when we ask for them. Jesus is present even when we don’t ask. Love abounds for us 24/7. Just because we don’t “see” them does not mean no one is there.

Jesus said we are blessed when we do not see and yet still believe. I feel sometimes God allows us to feel alone so we will reach out to the spiritual support group we have but can not see. Jesus said to ask and it will be given to us. We have not, because we ask not. This means asking for anything at any time. God’s loving support group will respond with an answer, hope, encouragement and guidance.

Take it for a test drive! You never know until you ask. Believe when you do ask that you will receive. We live in a perfect harmonious universe that was created by God just for us. When your heart feels less than harmonious, reach out to the ones who have been created and placed in special spaces just for you! You will get a reply. People might let you down but God’s hosts will never let you down.

Loving you form here,

Dr Jenine Marie Howry, PhD

Some Memories Are Just Too Precious

11988378_10153670839814255_4027848974804248960_nBack in the 90’s I was a struggling mom with five children. I was married to someone who was not very supportive of our family and often was gone for long spurts of time. Faith is not even a strong enough word for what I needed to have.

My older son was about 12 years old when I sold Avon products for the first time. One season I purchased an entire case of Skin So Soft Spray and had planned to sell them all for a good profit. My youngest daughter was just a baby, not even walking as of yet. Sometimes the weather was just to hard to take her out in a stroller and then there were the other children.

My son Jayson (now in heaven) would go out into the neighborhood and not only take out my brochures for me but sell my Skin So Soft Spray to the neighborhood. That way I could stay with his brother and sisters at home while he helped bring in some food funds. Every not and then his friends would help him pass out my brochures and I paid them to be of service.

Jayson was a great worker and helper. He was always willing to put in some extra time to keep our family going when things were hard. Now, 18 years later, I am selling Avon products again to benefit my ministry for women who need healing from abuses and infidelity in relationships. I love that Avon places women in places of respect enough to have their own fundraisers for the causes of breast cancer and domestic violence.

It seemed so obvious that this business was and is a good fit for my ministry fund raising. I am now working toward my non profit status and then an office outside my home for women to come and be ministered to and counseled for the wounds that haunt them. Today I received my first delivery of my Avon business kit and the first thing I pulled out was the Skin So Soft Spray. It still smells the same and is basically the same price. The memories flooded my mind of my sweet son, now in heaven, and all the great ways he helped to support me in caring for the other children.

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God bless you!

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

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How Men Can Be Supportive

Rev Jenine MarieThe most confident of women still need the support of the men who surround them. As much as we do not like to admit this, the men in our lives have a strong pull regarding our self image, confidence, and successes in life. Even God tells us to not be unequally yolked because if two do not agree then they can not walk together. There is nothing more disheartening than to be partnered with someone who is set on defeating us. It’s hard enough in this world when we are bombarded by so many elements that cause us to always be in the spiritual battle in order to continue to thrive, let alone have it in our own home or own lives.

Having a man in our life who positively supports us and our endeavors is a real important thing. It is better to not have anyone then to live side by side with someone who knocks us down so much that we have to continually strive to just get by that we seem to never go any further in life.

Aside from instructing women to make good choices in life, I want to address the men for a moment. After all, creating more aware and supportive men can give us all a better chance of having one who is.

Here it goes! Men, you do not make yourself look bigger, more confident, more desirable, more successful, more powerful, or even more “right”, but stomping your woman down! I know it can be very easy to slip into what you perceive as the headship mode and lay down the law according to what you want and desire. Allow me to interject a little secret here, “This will not empower you in the long run”! There might be a false sense of winning the battle, and we all know how important that is to you! We know that men are designed to win the war for us, but be very careful where you wage your war! Your battle is never with us. Your battle is outside of us in order to protect us. Not only that, trying to conquer your woman will only defeat you in the long run! STOP FIGHTING HER! She is not your enemy! You were given a special gift by God in the partner and wife you have been blessed with. Women were created from the side of a man in order to stand by his side. If you smash your woman, you have just destroyed your greatest ally! Do NOT do this! Let me give you just a little advice here if you humor me for just a moment. (Don’t check out here, it will be worth it in the long run)!

Tell her you love her every day! I know she “knows” this, but she also needs to hear it.

Talk about the good things that she is. It will not lift her or you up to complain about her to others. After all, look at is this way; she certainly does not shed good light on you or your choices if you make her look bad by your complaints about her.

Be supportive of her goals and allow her the space to accomplish her dreams. Remember her goals are also your combined goals. Taking away her power will not make you look stronger. It actually makes you look weak, not to mention it is unfair.

Be genuine in accentuating her beauty both inside and out. See her for who and what she really is, a gift to you from God. You will never give her more confidence by comparing her to other women, allowing your eyes to wander elsewhere, criticizing her choices, or not allowing her to be herself.

When you are together in other places, always let her know she has your support, even when your attention has to be on other things or other people. Show her she adds to your successes and compliments your life by not ignoring her in the crowd.

If you want her to stand, stop knocking her down! You will never help her to become better or stronger if you are the one who is acting as her enemy. A house divided will not stand! If you want support from her, then make sure you do not destroy the support system. She will rise to the occasion every single time for a man who empowers her instead of taking away her power!

These are just some things to get you started. I can mention more, but I think you have the idea. If you are building together, don’t bring it all down by stomping on your building partner! If you support her empowerment it will empower you as well. Remember she is strong enough to arise to any occasion. God has given her that when He made her. If you always try to break her, eventually God will empower her to leave you and it will be the greatest mistake of your life!

I’m being honest here. We live in a society that takes away the value of women in so many ways. MEN do NOT be one of them!

Lovingly yours,

Rev Jenine Marie Howry