Our Support During Difficult Times

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Everyone comes to a point in life when it seems like everything comes to a stop. A life event has occurred, and now the natural stream in life has been interrupted. Such events might be the sudden passing of loved ones, a health issue, financial changes, loss of business, or loss of a home.

With every passing day, none of us are guaranteed smooth sailing in life. It is meant to be that way, as hard as it is to accept sometimes. We are meant to be shaken, to be interrupted, and sometimes even hurt. The difficult things in life are inevitable, and they cause us to make a new game plan for the way we live our lives.

Although life can bring its hazards, difficult situations, or tragedies, some things are standard and always remain unchanging. These are the powerful supporters created for us to lean on and rely upon when times become challenging. Can you wrap your head around an angelic presence when lives have been swiftly taken from us? Can you accept a universal law that gives to us back for everything we have lost? How about a presence of God that is so powerful that lives inside of all of us, giving us the energy and tenacity to get through one more day?

Some scoff at such things, and yet others come to lean upon the mystical when things are tragic in this life. Sometimes a little mystery searching is worth the search. In times of great difficulty, I have found the comfort of loved ones in spirit to be a powerful part of healing and transition. I talk to my angels, my loved ones in spirit, and to God when things are hard in life. These all bring me comfort, and I see evidence of their presence and power every single time.

Meditation is an excellent way to bring forth some illumination into the existence of some of these supportive elements. They are there to help us, and they are living just as much as we are. God brings life, brings love, and brings revelation into a problematic issue in life. Angels are there to help us, as are crossed over loved ones who are in spirit. As a mother who has now had to let go of two of her children, I can not live without the knowledge of these helpers in my life. The healing that comes from my connection to these resources is life-changing and sometimes life-saving.

I can not believe we have life after death because I don’t believe there is a death. I only believe there is a continuing life of the soul after leaving our bodies. I believe in life after life. This belief gets me through my days, or I could not bear how hard my appeared losses have been. We never lose anyone. We can never lose love. Love is as enteral as the human soul. When life throws a curveball or wrench into the works, it is a comfort that I have the support I need to lean on when I need to. I have to believe the “powers that be” are with me through my entire earthly life, or I could not live it.

Our spiritual support system does not mean we escape trial or that things will be easy. It only means that we have an avenue of support when no one else understands how we feel or how to deal with our issues in life. With all of the losses that I have endured in life, I know I would not be here without the love that is extended to me in mystical ways along with human presence.

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, Ph.D.

You Are Never Abandoned


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Feeling abandoned is horrible. Yet, it is only a feeling and not “Truth”. People tend to look at the idea of abandonment and believe it means that there is no one to turn to or someone human has left us. Although this is a human and valid feeling it is only a limited truth. The reality is we are never abandoned and never ever alone. Dark nights can loom up during hard moments. Our breath can feel tight and in response our bodies become tight as well. Maybe those that used to be on the other end of a phone line are not there any longer, but this does not mean abandonment.

God has given to us a sweet choir of spiritual support that never will go away from us. God’s promise is to command angels to watch over us, especially in times of trial and confusion. All it takes is to go out and listen to the sound of the breeze moving through the trees. There is a beauty in the sound and a sense of God’s support. The sun shines brightly and the sparkle upon water or in the green grass can be even more calming than even the voice of a human being.

God’s love letter speaks to us about never being abandoned as orphans. I believe we have much more in the spirit world than we often care to admit. Where do those ideas come from when we wake up in the morning? Or, even those spiritual downloads while in the shower, drying our hair, or driving with the windows down on a long country road? It’s God’s spiritual watch committee that is there every time of day or night. Angels are activated when we ask for them. Jesus is present even when we don’t ask. Love abounds for us 24/7. Just because we don’t “see” them does not mean no one is there.

Jesus said we are blessed when we do not see and yet still believe. I feel sometimes God allows us to feel alone so we will reach out to the spiritual support group we have but can not see. Jesus said to ask and it will be given to us. We have not, because we ask not. This means asking for anything at any time. God’s loving support group will respond with an answer, hope, encouragement and guidance.

Take it for a test drive! You never know until you ask. Believe when you do ask that you will receive. We live in a perfect harmonious universe that was created by God just for us. When your heart feels less than harmonious, reach out to the ones who have been created and placed in special spaces just for you! You will get a reply. People might let you down but God’s hosts will never let you down.

Loving you form here,

Dr Jenine Marie Howry, PhD

Seeking the Unseen

Human beings have a fascination with the unseen spirit world. We love to speculate on things that go bump in the night. Some like to flat out hunt down AllTruth-570x318the unseen such as ghost hunters in hope to reveal some glimpse of the afterlife. We seek out angel sightings, and talk to the air in hope our loved ones are hearing our voice. Even more, we want to hear back or have some sort of witness that they are still with us. It brings us comfort. I get it. I lost my son and my heart always wants to believe he hears me and tries to show me that he does. Its a comfort thing. I know that God honors this and intervenes for me so I can be comforted through His Spirit. He loves to give glimpses of the spiritual world around us.

Humans are completely intrigued by the unseen world. I don’t doubt there are mysteries that we have yet to uncover. If certain things bring us comfort than why not explore, right?  We need that comfort but we need to be careful of where we explore.

God loves for us to seek and find those mysterious things, but He loves for us to seek them in Him. He actually gets pretty feisty about us seeking other things above him such as through angel channels and mediums. In fact, He tells us exactly how He feels about it.

“Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them. I am the LORD your God”. (Leviticus 19:31)

“Do not let anyone who delights in false humility and the worship of angels disqualify you. Such a person also goes into great detail about what they have seen; they are puffed up with idle notions by their unspiritual mind”.(Colossians 2:18)

People love to feel enlightened and love to “teach” what they believe they have seen. They have not always seen the truth, even though it might look good on the outside.

God gives to us the proper way to seek the unseen. It is through seeking Him. He is really quite jealous about His people and who they go to. This is His protectiveness over us. He wants us to know the truth and not be guided by a false presentation of the truth. It comes from His love for us and His great desire for us to have a good life. He wants us to know Him. God seeks relationship and He will not share one with any other spiritual entity. He created them, yes, but He does not want us to place our main focus on them. He never wants us to be guided by them.

When we seek the unseen through God’s Holy Spirit He gives to us the real truth about life, Himself, the spirit world, and how we can live victoriously through Christ.

But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come. (John 16:13)

In seeking God directly He shows us that Christ lives and dwells inside of us. When we have accepted this truth, and that He died for us, we have the key to all mysteries.

“… the mystery that has been kept hidden for ages and generations, but is now disclosed to the Lord’s people. 27 To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory”. (Colossians 1: 26-27).

The Spirit of Truth can not lie, but other spirits unknown to us can. We can be so misguided. Angels can be wonderful heavenly messengers but true angels  are commanded by God Himself to interact with the world, we do not command them. Also, Satan presents himself as an “angel of light” and a person can be so misguided and deceived.

I have personally heard of, and have witnessed, those who have sought out angels and were guided by demons and evil forces. It’s a very subtle process. It might seem good in the beginning but it can lead to dangerous connections if we are not using God’s discernment.

As an investigative type person, I love to find what is true. I love to be guided by what is true, not a falsehood. Detectives and seekers look for the real answers. We receive those from God. He will show us the way He cares for us and He will lead us into all mysteries.

Wouldn’t you rather be guided by truth than take the risk of being misled by an entity who could lead you away from real eternal life? Would you want to lead your loved ones into something that might be demonic instead of angelic? We love the thrill of discovery and I am sure sometimes God gives us examples of the afterlife. Even angels walked on the earth in Biblical times, but they were sent by God, not conjured up by people. Angels and spiritual messengers are real, but as I said, they are sent by God and not people. God is very plain in His words when He tells us to not worship angels nor believe mediums.

We have been gifted so beautifully by our creator with wonderful intuitive abilities of our own and we have access to amazing spiritual wisdom for our lives. Why on earth would we want to consult the dead for answers when the God of all life has them all? He specifically tells us to not go to mediums for answers because the information we receive might even appear true but the danger is being led from the One true spiritual source that can guide us better than any other. He knows us. He made us. He loves us. He will teach us well.

Today I pray that as you seek all mysteries and spiritual things, that you will go to the One who truly can show you how to be guided in your life. He will never lead you astray!

Dear Holy Father, open the spiritual eyes of all seekers and help them to see You in all of Your glory. Forgive those who have been blinded and lead them in the right direction. Reveal to them Your heart and show the power of Your love in their lives, in Jesus’ name and heart, amen!

Loving you with the truth,

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching


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