Are You Surrounded by Those Who Support Your Vision?

Let’s face it, not everyone is going to accept everything about us. Problems arise for us when those who surround us are not accepting of who we are. Even more difficult is to be around those who simply do not support our vision in life. The condition has a tendency to cause us to be fake in order to be supported and accepted. If we are not strong enough in our convictions we will compromise our journey just to appease others.

People who have negative thoughts about what you believe, the vision you carry, or the person you desire to become, will cause you to struggle in your process. Not only that, they will never give you supportive comments and ideas that can help you along in your journey. No one is ever expected to create things in life by themselves. It takes the loving support of others to help us make our dreams come true. Like it or not, this is the process of Oneness we have in this life. People don’t have to join our journey with us but supportive views and even connections will help our plans succeed.

Our solution is to be strong enough and have more conviction inside ourselves to let people go when they are not supportive of our process. It’s a hard lesson because we tend to hold onto relationships for the sake of familiarity. The wisdom of the bible states if two do not agree they can not walk together. This means there is a need to be in agreement with what we are inside, what we desire to become, and what we want to accomplish.

Can you imagine those who put down your journey every time you mention it? This causes so much discouragement inside. We might think we are strong enough to endure it but remember. what goes out into the universe is returned to us. This means even through the company we keep!

Stick with those who support you and love you for who you are. They are those who encourage your steps, will applaud your successes, and even give you a hand along the way! Don’t be unequally yoked with people and relationships who will cause you to not be genuine within yourself and your beliefs. It’s true there are some who will agree to disagree, but to agree on the things we do will cause a flow of blessing like no other!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry

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Your Surroundings Reflect Back to You for a Reason

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The world around us is constantly changing, and it is supposed to. Nature and our creative planet always reflect the condition of humanity. Our problems and issues we face are solvable if we always learn to ask questions to solve them. In the same respect, just as a body of water reflects the sky, our atmosphere shows us the conditions of our life as well. We could say life is always a reflection.

When looking at our worldly existence and surroundings, we intuitively see what requires changing in our hearts. Our lives, our love or lack thereof, actions, words, and thoughts all create the surroundings and lives we live.

Yes, heaven and earth will move at our thoughts, and before we know it, we are surrounded by synchronicities made available to us, reflecting the condition of our heart and soul. A soul reflection is meant to help us learn and make changes when we need to. Our lives are all about evolution, obtaining more wisdom, and finding more love within us to heal.

No individual is an island nor sustainable alone. Our lives are also expansive. We are meant to not only heal ourselves but help lead and heal others from the heart to a soul level. We all need others to step into our lives to heal, reflect, and honor one another. Unfortunately, not all of us have learned this, but sooner or later, we all will. It is our divine and human purpose of learning to evolve into a more loving nature.

We learn through our curiosity and inquisitiveness. We are meant to have the mind of a researcher, always seeking and never stopping. Just as a detective investigates a case, we are meant to analyze our lives, our soul’s condition, and our love’s depth. If there is a need for healing, we are meant to seek out that healing. Healing might come directly from our Creator into our intuitive nature, or healing might come from others who have been attracted into our lives through our life’s conditions. If anyone truly desires to become wise, seek God. If anyone truly wants to become healed within the soul, seek God, and meditate on what surrounds us in life. Situations speak volumes, much more personal than a universal encyclopedia.

Here is some advice. Don’t think you have all of the answers because once you believe this, your heart has become too rigid and prideful to continue to grow and heal. When you have healed, then go and heal others. Stay open, or your closed-off convictions will end up convicting you.

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, Ph. D

Why Give So Much Power to Government Official’s Hearts?

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No matter who is in the White House or an elected official, it almost seems like the people of the United States of America care more about what government officials have in their hearts than their hearts. Over the last several years, I have witnessed more hatred spewed out over political issues and parties than I have ever seen since I have been on this earth. I know I am not the lone ranger here. I know others see this too, yet many still decide that hatred spewed out will somehow validate some standard they want to uphold.

Honestly, no matter what party any one person belongs to, if elected officials and the party are the one focus in that person’s heart, their power has been given over to that official. Why are the American people surrendering their power to those who work for us? “We are the people” is thrown out of the picture when any elected official becomes the focus of our hearts.

Have we forgotten what this nation was founded upon? If “We the People” have established anything, then we, the people, should be the ones who set the tone and heart of this nation. Having hearts filled with hatred, spewing out nastiness, and putting down others does not demonstrate any love for our country, let alone its people. God instructed us, a house divided will not stand. That means a nation divided will not stand either.  

Have we forgotten the heart of the people determines the strength of a nation? Who will have the heart to support small businesses in this country to make sure they survive and thrive? Who will feed those who are hungry, give to those who are struggling, or lend and not borrow? We are those who make this country great or not great. We are those who decide where our loving hearts begin, and hatred ends. We are the ones who massively can create goodness in this country or tear it down.

Why are we arguing over who is in the White House or who is not when we are the people who truly make up the heart of this nation? If we think hatred is present, inequality is not being addressed, or oppressed people, why not start with ourselves? If we have more than we need, why hold on to what we have when someone else might need it? If our hearts have love to give, then why not give it to someone who has hatred brewing in theirs?

We make or break our own country and humanity as it stands. Are we going to allow politicians to set our day, create what is in our hearts, or feed our nation? Let us think about this before it’s too late and hatred takes over. I mean, meditate, pray, and put action to goodness that is in our hearts.

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, Phd.


YOU Are Not a Lemon. Don’t Allow Anyone to Squeeze the Life Out of You!

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Lemons are amazing fruits. Detoxing daily with them can bring very good results for your body. Just some warm water or tea with fresh squeezed lemon can help your digestion, aid in preventing kidney stones and even help lose weight.

I watched myself squeeze a lemon into a glass of warm water one day and all of the life sustaining pulp and juices that started to flow out of the fruit. I even have a lemon squeezer that helps in this process. Since I seem to get messages out of life’s experiences this was no exception. I thought to myself, “Sometimes it feels like there have been people who have just squeezed the life out of me.”

Just like the lemon, when this happens, the life sustaining juices seem to get dumped into a place we don’t want life to take us. It’s so easy to become bitter as the lemon tastes. Yet, lemons do have a degree of sweetness to them as well. When toxic people cause a squeeze on our lives it’s important to remember that sweetness still resides in the waters. Life can feel bitter and distasteful sometimes.

Back away from all toxic experiences that feel like a huge lemon squeeze. Let sweetness still abide in the inner places of your being and even the sourness will become helpful to you in the days to come. We all need sour experiences to allow us to see where there is sourness inside of us. We can deal with it without having the life squeezed out of us.

In life’s big bowl of fruit you are the best lemons ever created. We all carry sweetness and sourness within us. The challenge is to process the sour parts before life sends us a lemon squeezer in the form of another person to do that work for us. Think about this very carefully. Karma is there to teach you. God will teach you. If you listen and heed the warnings before the lemon press is sent to give you more than a little squeeze.

Loving you from here,

Dr Jenine Marie Howry, PhD


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Were You Intentionally Hurt?

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Passing by a mother with two little girls I could not help but witness one little girl bumping into the other. She had lost her footing and suddenly there was a scream of discontent everyone within a range could hear. “You hurt me!” She began to cry, her face turned red, and became angry, looking for a way to lash out. Of course the first thing that happened is she turned to “mom”.  Mom was busy looking at things on a shelf in the store so she did not witness what had happened. She only took the word of the one who was crying. It was met with, “Leave your sister alone. ” Mom had a scornful look on her face. I wanted to say something. After all, I was a witness. It was not intentional hurt, just an accident. I had to tell myself not to get involved. I’m sure “mom” would not have wanted to hear it from a stranger. (My thoughts on this changed later).

My point here is, sometimes we think someone hurt us with ill intention. Could it be that  it was not meant to happen but just an accident or something that could not have been controlled? Some things are not within our control, like sudden illness or a difficult event that happens in our families. Other moments might be an emotional issue that is just misunderstood and then someone is left hurt, bruised, and upset. The little girls in the store had an advantage though. One screamed she was hurt. Often we don’t do that when it is an emotional issue or a time we might feel slighted or misunderstood. It happens to everyone. How could it not? We are all different people with different ways of seeing things. More often than not, the hurt one does not express how they feel, so nothing gets solved and there is no understanding. Even worse, they express how they feel and it is met with a hurtful reply or it it is ignored. Just like the mother in the store, often we don’t want to look at things or even take the time to make them better. The sad thing is that a little honest communication can go a long way.

Communication is so important because its the only way to solve an issue or to discover the intention behind what has occured. It also gives an opportunity for a healing event. It’s an opportunity for the one who hurt the other to say they are sorry. Sometimes we just don’t know because the intention was not to hurt anyone. A huge “I am sorry”, can heal so much. It’s very simple. Even if the intention was not to hurt anyone, someone still can be very hurt none the less. This all seems so elementary when I write it, but I see it over and over again. Hurt is hurt and should be addressed. In the same respect it is very disturbing to try to make things better but the other party or parties won’t give the opportunity. That is where forgiveness comes in handy.

When I think back about the two little girls, I wish I had said something. After all, I knew it was not intentional. My involvement might have been welcomed or not, but either way at least the one who had the accidental trip would have benefited from a little grace. I think it’s so simple. People don’t need to figure each other out. These are things we are supposed to learn in our grammar school days.

When you hurt someone say you are sorry.

Don’t assume the hurt was intentional.

Be open to communication.

Take responsibility for what happened no matter what the intention.

Don’t meet an honest expression of hurt with more hurt.

Be an ambassador for peace and do everything possible to pursue it with others.

Maybe you can come up with some of your own. For some reason when we become adults we get amnesia concerning how to act with one another. We might all be different but there is one thing that never changes; we are all human. These are issues that work the same with everyone.

Loving you from here

Dr Jenine Marie Howry

Here is Your Weekly Wisdom!


Staying away from those who cause chaos in life is not a lack of love, it is a presence of wisdom.

For some reason we are often under the impression that we have to put up with others junk for the sake of love. Love also carries wisdom. There are times we need to walk away from those who disagree, cause turmoil, or don’t carry our same values and morals. This does not mean we don’t love as God would want us to love, it means we are wise enough to recognize that to have them in our lives causes too much unbalance, lack of peace, torment to ourselves, and life becomes unproductive.

Not everyone will agree with one another. The Bible says when “two disagree they can not walk together.” This is not a statement of a lack of love but the presence of wisdom. It’s amazing how many people from the past pop up when they perceive we are doing well. Don’t be fooled. People change, but they don’t dramatically change from who they were before. Love yourself enough to discern who belongs in your inner circle and who does not. Like attracts like. Attract the best for your own life by allowing those who are most like you to draw near and others to fall away. We all are a part of the same humanity. You might have to deal with their sense of rejection, but it’s better than compromising your integrity.

#LoveYourSelf  #HaveWisdom

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev Jenine Marie Howry



People Who Live With High Sensitivity


Are you a highly sensitive person? If you are, it won’t take much thought on your part to answer the question. Highly sensitive people know they are. Actually, its pretty hard to miss when we live with a lot of sensitivity. I’d like to take away a stigma about high sensitivity first of all. Being highly sensitive is NOT a bad trait, it is ingrained within the human being. If you are highly sensitive at some point in life you have heard someone say, “Stop being so sensitive”, or “You are too sensitive”. These type of statements tend to make sensitive people feel that they are somehow “wrong” or deviant in their personality. Actually, it is not a personality trait at all. It is more like how certain people are created. Being someone who is highly sensitive is very different than having sensitive moments. A highly sensitive person can not change what they are. They are how they are. Not only are they not wrong but most of the time are very right about so many things.

People with high sensitivity are very empathetic and pick up on everyone else’s “stuff“. This can be emotional, physical, and even spiritual. I recall a time when one of my daughters was on her monthly cycle and I told her to take an Advil or something because I was having cramps! I no longer had those cycles so it sure was not coming from me. This is only one example of physical sensitivity. Emotional sensitivity works the same way. A sensitive person will pick up on other people’s internal anger, frustration, joy, agitation, changes in state etc. Many feel this is attributed to intuition but it goes far beyond that and deeper. Here are some things highly sensitive people experience:

  1. Feeling others’ physical pain
  2. Picking up on others’ emotional state
  3. Having extreme spiritual awareness
  4. Physical sensitivity within themselves
  5. Sensitive to medications and can feel them immediately when taken (and other substances, including how sugar reacts in the body)
  6. Sensitive to caffeine or stimulants
  7. Very intuitive
  8. Love meditative time; listening to the sound of their own heartbeat
  9. Love to be deep in thought
  10. Are very creative
  11. Very sensitive in large crowds of people and over stimulated by everyone else’s stuff
  12. Loves alone time
  13. Very inner reflective, intelligent, and a sensitive compassionate heart
  14. Deep empathy for others’ plight in life either in person or at a distance
  15. Retreats or reacts strongly to aggressive outbursts in others
  16. Sensitive to strong smells or odors
  17. Often cries very easily

These are just some things off the top of my head. Sensitive people “hear” spiritually very easily, and can be very understanding and loving due to extreme empathy. Times of rest are often needed and desired because of over stimulation. Very sensitive people might display what seem to be forms of PTSD, ADHD, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, or other mental states that seem similar.

If you are highly sensitive it is not a flaw but a gift. You are a compassionate asset to the rest of the world and not a liability. You are not deviant only different. You see into others very easily. No one gets anything by you. You have an awareness and often spiritual insight that astounds others, even yourself. You might have thought something was really wrong with you most of your life but that is not true! It is actually the opposite. There is so much that is right with you! People can say of you ” You hit the nail on the head” over and over again, because you “know“.

If you are highly sensitive and the above rings true for you…

My advice: Use it to your, and others, advantage. You are made this way for a reason and there is no one like you. You have a discernment that others might not have. What an asset to have in this world! Work with yourself and not against yourself. Don’t try to shut down what you pick up but embrace it! Remember you bring on stronger that which you resist. In order to not experience very uncomfortable feelings, go with the flow. The flow knows where to lead you and will not let you down. God made you very unique and its time to see yourself as a gift, not as someone who is flawed.

With a lot of love from here,

Dr. Jenine Marie Howry, PhD

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Advantages of a Highly Sensitive Person

sensitive-people-300x300Have you ever had someone say to you, “You are being so sensitive”, or ” You are just too sensitive of a person”? It almost sounds like an insult, doesn’t it? It’s like being sensitive is a bad thing to be. In all honesty it really is not all that bad. Personally, I think if I had the choice I would rather be around a sensitive person than one who is insensitive. If you are one of the many highly sensitive people in this world, you have some great advantages to celebrate!

Advantages of Highly Sensitive People

  1. Good things that happen in life are experienced with more depth and can be even more euphoric.
  2. Sensitive people are more aware of things surrounding them and therefore can be more cautious.
  3. Laughter and joy can be even more intense and experienced more often and longer.
  4. All things mystical and spiritual are much more magnified and experienced more profoundly.
  5. Compassion and humility come more easily.
  6. Sensitive thinkers can more readily see things from more than one angle; like both sides of a story or argument.
  7. Service to humanity is more profound.
  8. Love of life is deeper.
  9. Sensitive people can be more intuitive in decisions and wise in thinking.
  10. A stronger appreciation for nature and all things created.


Some Disadvantages

Of course, along with anything, there are some disadvantages to look out for. Very sensitive people can be more emotional in a difficult way, respond to bad things more easily, become hurt more easily, can tend to take things out of context and overreact to things done to them or around them.

Learning the lifelong lesson of processing difficult things more slowly is the best remedy for the sensitive at heart. Keep in mind, your sensitivity is a gift to yourself and this world. There is no need for you to change, just work on tempering down overreactions. Remember to act and not react! This means learning the value of taking a meditative pause before acting or answering.

Sensitively Yours,

Rev. Jenine Marie Howry

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