Death of a Child and Parental Heart Failure from Stressful Grief

The intense grief for a mother who has had to endure the passing of her child or children is one of the hardest roads to walk in human existence. I have been told over and over again; the extent to which we grieve correlates to the extent we have loved. If this is true, myContinue reading “Death of a Child and Parental Heart Failure from Stressful Grief”

This is Love in Friendship…

This is love in friendship: When you never have to ever guess as to whether someone truly cared. When life throws a wrench in the works, they are there seeking out how you are. When it comes to defending you, there is no question in their mind that they will. Love stays regardless of timeContinue reading “This is Love in Friendship…”

Your Surroundings Reflect Back to You for a Reason

The world around us is constantly changing, and it is supposed to. Nature and our creative planet always reflect the condition of humanity. Our problems and issues we face are solvable if we always learn to ask questions to solve them. In the same respect, just as a body of water reflects the sky, ourContinue reading “Your Surroundings Reflect Back to You for a Reason”

Do You Know if You Are a Gossip?

Before I start out, let me give you a little definition of gossip I found in a google search: “Rumor or talk of a personal, sensational, or intimate nature. 2. A person who habitually spreads intimate or private rumors or facts. 3. Trivial, chatty talk or writing.” (google definition) “1 : a person who repeatsContinue reading “Do You Know if You Are a Gossip?”

Five Ways You Can Remove Coldness from Your Heart

Have you ever seen such a time in history as we are going through now? We have so much strife in our country. The only place it can begin is in our spiritual walk and then within our hearts. Remember, our mouths speak out of the inner chambers of our hearts. The words and hatefulContinue reading “Five Ways You Can Remove Coldness from Your Heart”

Do You Lead With Your Heart or Your Head? How Do You Choose?

Every single day we are all bombarded with decisions. Sometimes we don’t even notice what they are. Our autopilot just kicks in and there we go, making new decisions every moment of every day. Even deeper we are faced with choices and loom up in front of us and then we find ourselves in aContinue reading “Do You Lead With Your Heart or Your Head? How Do You Choose?”

Where is the Love?

Whitney Houston came out with a new song back in the early 80’s called “The Greatest Love of All”. I needed that song so much. There is no lonelier place to be than in a relationship alone. That was what I had. Every day was empty, hurtful, and alone. I am not one to cheatContinue reading “Where is the Love?”

Here Is Your Weekly Wisdom!

You know what is right for yourself.  The words that God speaks are written upon your heart through Holy Spirit. God lives and dwells inside of you. Because of this you know what is right for yourself and what is not. Keep in mind others might not agree what is right for your life. That’sContinue reading “Here Is Your Weekly Wisdom!”

Here Is Your Weekly Wisdom!

Your heart is never far away from others.  It can be hard to be far away from our loved ones, either in miles or when they have passed on. Sometimes love almost feels bittersweet. When those moments come, and they will, when those you love are so very far away, just put your hand onContinue reading “Here Is Your Weekly Wisdom!”

Necessary Heart Surgery

Have you ever found yourself in a very awkward or difficult situation because of something you said or had done? I think this can happen to all of us. Every single one of us has an issue of the heart that comes from the unregenerate part of us. The heart issue might have come fromContinue reading “Necessary Heart Surgery”