Is Love Supposed to be Defined and then Divided?

I had to giggle out loud when I saw a posting that compared “real love vs imaginary.” I thought to myself, “Seriously?” The very first thing that spirit brought to my mind was the Scripture, ” For God so loved the world that He gave…” Of course, the personna is there ie. “he” when GodContinue reading “Is Love Supposed to be Defined and then Divided?”

Rest in the Beauty of Nature

Life has its simple pleasures. Just staring out a window and watching the beauty of nature can be the most relaxing and inspirational moment of the day. Nature speaks to us about how glorious God is and how glorious creation truly is. Just think, YOU are a part of all that has been created. HowContinue reading “Rest in the Beauty of Nature”

All Life Belongs to the Light of God

I believe there is a place inside of us that reflects what God meant to be there. It is a heavenly place, created by Light, and in the image of divinity. We might not always act like we are God’s creation, but we are. Sometimes things are buried deep inside of us, so deep theContinue reading “All Life Belongs to the Light of God”

When Something Leaves Your Life…

It’s easy to get disappointed when something we wanted, or a relationship we really wanted, leaves our life. Don’t be disenchanted. It’s only a moment to pause in the creative process. It’s a pause to reflect, redirect, and reassess. We all go through moments of disappointment. This is normal. After this happens, pick yourself upContinue reading “When Something Leaves Your Life…”

Do You Lead With Your Heart or Your Head? How Do You Choose?

Every single day we are all bombarded with decisions. Sometimes we don’t even notice what they are. Our autopilot just kicks in and there we go, making new decisions every moment of every day. Even deeper we are faced with choices and loom up in front of us and then we find ourselves in aContinue reading “Do You Lead With Your Heart or Your Head? How Do You Choose?”

Are You Authentic or a Knock Off?

I know, it’s a strange title isn’t it? I was thinking about fashion today and designers. Lately, I have been interested in fashion and how to create a wardrobe that will interchange and match to create several outfits on a budget. In my seeking, I have seen a lot of great designer things and alsoContinue reading “Are You Authentic or a Knock Off?”

Establishing Yourself in the “Void”

I was watching a movie the other night and one of the characters proclaimed, “I don’t know what is wrong with me, I feel so empty.” In the story line she was in transition. Her life had a pending new decision which meant letting go of all that is for soon what will be. InContinue reading “Establishing Yourself in the “Void””

You are NOT a Mistake!

I’m not sure if I can even count the amount of people who feel or believe that somehow they were “born wrong”. Either they were supposed to be a different gender (their parents wanted either a boy or girl) or their body parts just don’t live up to someone’s expectations. Writing it makes it soundContinue reading “You are NOT a Mistake!”

So, How Do You Turn Your Life Around?

From the very beginning of time, God created! Our fabulous, amazing, and miraculous universe was created with God’s imagination and His spoken words. Honestly, I don’t think that the mere words on paper to describe this spectacular event is even enough to get a grasp of it’s power. Our God is not only loving but powerful!.Continue reading “So, How Do You Turn Your Life Around?”