All Life Belongs to the Light of God

I believe there is a place inside of us that reflects what God meant to be there. It is a heavenly place, created by Light, and in the image of divinity. We might not always act like we are God’s creation, but we are. Sometimes things are buried deep inside of us, so deep theContinue reading “All Life Belongs to the Light of God”

Do You Lead With Your Heart or Your Head? How Do You Choose?

Every single day we are all bombarded with decisions. Sometimes we don’t even notice what they are. Our autopilot just kicks in and there we go, making new decisions every moment of every day. Even deeper we are faced with choices and loom up in front of us and then we find ourselves in aContinue reading “Do You Lead With Your Heart or Your Head? How Do You Choose?”

Here Is Your Weekly Wisdom!

You know what is right for yourself.  The words that God speaks are written upon your heart through Holy Spirit. God lives and dwells inside of you. Because of this you know what is right for yourself and what is not. Keep in mind others might not agree what is right for your life. That’sContinue reading “Here Is Your Weekly Wisdom!”

How To Choose the Right Friends

Choosing friends might seem very simplistic. We meet someone, we have a rapport with them, and we become friends, right? That is a simple version of how it most likely happens to the majority of people. If God created our universe to attract to us what we are, then more often than not we chooseContinue reading “How To Choose the Right Friends”