Here is Your Weekly Wisdom!


Keep your eyes, and mind, on what matters and what is happening now. 

I never felt such a release as the day I was advised that the past no longer even exists accept only in my head. It’s so true! Its a non existent element of our life experience that we hold inside of our brains, and the effect of  emotions we hold in our souls/bodies. Think of this also: The future has not even been created yet. All you really have is NOW. A second a go is already the past and one second from now is already the future! NOW is what is real and what matters the most.

Close your eyes and release the issues that hold you stuck to a non existing past. Yes, it has affected you, and you will have to process what you have held onto. Once you do process it, then let it go for good. Just take the wisdom you gleaned from it and remember it no more. Of course look back at wonderful memories. Those are the things that give you and upload of Oxytocin in the brain that will cause you to feel good.

Don’t worry about what is about to happen. Plan for it, yes, but don’t worry. It’s fruitless to be concerned over something that has not even happened yet. Remember, the best is always yet to be. If you keep that in your mind to a heart level, then every experience will be the very best!

Loving you from here,

Dr Rev Jenine Marie Howry

Establishing Yourself in the “Void”

JenineHowry2I was watching a movie the other night and one of the characters proclaimed, “I don’t know what is wrong with me, I feel so empty.” In the story line she was in transition. Her life had a pending new decision which meant letting go of all that is for soon what will be. In the mean time, her life was void, empty, seemingly stuck. I nodded as I listened to her mostly complain and cry. Drama will be drama. I understood her statement though. I think we have all been there. In “the void”.

The void is that place where we think is dark and empty. It seems that way when we are there. In truth, though, it’s a place filled with expectation and creation. Remember, God created from that which was void and made beautiful things. The void is a place of learning to let go of what was for what will be. It’s a place of utilizing our faith and imagination to create new things. Yes, it is also an exercise in patience!

The challenge here is becoming comfortable in that place of being “in between” things in life. Our first inclination is to “feel empty” like the character in the movie I was watching. Actually the void is filled with possibilities. Just think of having every opportunity to create anything you want while waiting for new things to happen in life. As you wave good bye to what will soon be past, you will be preparing to wave hello to your future! The void is a place of deep imagination and intuitive creativity. Can you think of what you really want in life and picture it so much that you actually FEEL it?

Close your eyes for a moment and picture something you really want for your life. Don’t open them again until you feel it will all your being. Feel the excitement, see the colors, and sense the newness of the future. This is the place of infinite possibilities! Are you excited for this place now? Smile, because you have every opportunity to create something beautiful while you are in between everything else.

Affirm this with me:

“I love this place that is filled with opportunity and creative genius! I can see all possibilities here and feel excited for my future!”

Loving you from here,

Jenine Marie Howry