Being Bruised

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Lately, I have noticed bruises pop up on my body seemingly out of nowhere. It’s been happening for more than a month now. Even where my arm has felt trauma from injections for a recent biopsy, the bruising has been more than I usually would have. I thought maybe I’ve lacked a vitamin or something, but I take them every day and eat pretty well.

Today, I was spending my morning meditative time just listening to music and talking to God. Then suddenly, really without thinking why, I wrapped my arms around myself and gave myself a huge hug. I stayed that way for awhile because it felt so comforting and peaceful.

The thoughts came to me; those higher ones that seem to come bubbling up out of nowhere. I am bruised. My body is showing me bruising because my heart is bruised. I’m an empath, and I have taken other people’s bruising all of my life. It has never mattered if it was directed at me or not but a lot of the time it has been directed at me. People act out of their own bruises and soul pain. An empath will suck it in like a sponge. The energy and emotion has to go somewhere, so sensitive people and empath’s will retain it and become the walking bruised.

So today, I released it all, gently. Because that is how things should always be for me: gentle. It’s how God wants it; gentle. Some people are born awakened to God. Why that is, I have no idea, but we are. When that happens we see things differently from the beginning. We see and notice other people’s “stuff”. We see and feel their pain. We notice their struggle. We experience their joy higher. We know their lies, even the ones to themselves. We sense their inner soul pain, and we soak in their bad behavior toward us like arrows that have no other place to go.

We receive spiritual messages from literally everything and we have to share them because we feel like we would explode if we don’t. It’s meant to be that way, we are made that way. We are a walking message, already opened, and revealed no matter where we go. We seem to be solemn at times, quiet, and unassuming. We are soaking things in and processing. Then other times we are outrageously joy filled and we have felt like we just touched the soul of heaven. No, it’s not bipolar, its a difficult gift. It’s meant to warn, to direct, to be on guard, to ignite passion, to bring profound understanding, and to bridge the gap between God and humanity.

If this is you, rejoice! Your battle has been hard. You have been taxed more than any¬† one person ever should have. Life has seemed unfair because you have given more than you could ever imagine and yet you still take the sting from others stuff. It’s so you can point them the way to heal it. You feel there is no other choice, and there isn’t. You are one of life’s amazing gifts from God. You walk on earth, but it feels like the dirt is always murky thick mud because the struggle is real. Remember though, the lotus flower grows and blossoms in thick mud and it’s one of this earth’s most amazingly beautiful flowers. So are you!

Loving you from here,

Dr Rev Jenine Marie Howry

People Who Live With High Sensitivity


Are you a highly sensitive person? If you are, it won’t take much thought on your part to answer the question. Highly sensitive people know they are. Actually, its pretty hard to miss when we live with a lot of sensitivity. I’d like to take away a stigma about high sensitivity first of all. Being highly sensitive is NOT a bad trait, it is ingrained within the human being. If you are highly sensitive at some point in life you have heard someone say, “Stop being so sensitive”, or “You are too sensitive”. These type of statements tend to make sensitive people feel that they are somehow “wrong” or deviant in their personality. Actually, it is not a personality trait at all. It is more like how certain people are created. Being someone who is highly sensitive is very different than having sensitive moments. A highly sensitive person can not change what they are. They are how they are. Not only are they not wrong but most of the time are very right about so many things.

People with high sensitivity are very empathetic and pick up on everyone else’s “stuff“. This can be emotional, physical, and even spiritual. I recall a time when one of my daughters was on her monthly cycle and I told her to take an Advil or something because I was having cramps! I no longer had those cycles so it sure was not coming from me. This is only one example of physical sensitivity. Emotional sensitivity works the same way. A sensitive person will pick up on other people’s internal anger, frustration, joy, agitation, changes in state etc. Many feel this is attributed to intuition but it goes far beyond that and deeper. Here are some things highly sensitive people experience:

  1. Feeling others’ physical pain
  2. Picking up on others’ emotional state
  3. Having extreme spiritual awareness
  4. Physical sensitivity within themselves
  5. Sensitive to medications and can feel them immediately when taken (and other substances, including how sugar reacts in the body)
  6. Sensitive to caffeine or stimulants
  7. Very intuitive
  8. Love meditative time; listening to the sound of their own heartbeat
  9. Love to be deep in thought
  10. Are very creative
  11. Very sensitive in large crowds of people and over stimulated by everyone else’s stuff
  12. Loves alone time
  13. Very inner reflective, intelligent, and a sensitive compassionate heart
  14. Deep empathy for others’ plight in life either in person or at a distance
  15. Retreats or reacts strongly to aggressive outbursts in others
  16. Sensitive to strong smells or odors
  17. Often cries very easily

These are just some things off the top of my head. Sensitive people “hear” spiritually very easily, and can be very understanding and loving due to extreme empathy. Times of rest are often needed and desired because of over stimulation. Very sensitive people might display what seem to be forms of PTSD, ADHD, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, or other mental states that seem similar.

If you are highly sensitive it is not a flaw but a gift. You are a compassionate asset to the rest of the world and not a liability. You are not deviant only different. You see into others very easily. No one gets anything by you. You have an awareness and often spiritual insight that astounds others, even yourself. You might have thought something was really wrong with you most of your life but that is not true! It is actually the opposite. There is so much that is right with you! People can say of you ” You hit the nail on the head” over and over again, because you “know“.

If you are highly sensitive and the above rings true for you…

My advice: Use it to your, and others, advantage. You are made this way for a reason and there is no one like you. You have a discernment that others might not have. What an asset to have in this world! Work with yourself and not against yourself. Don’t try to shut down what you pick up but embrace it! Remember you bring on stronger that which you resist. In order to not experience very uncomfortable feelings, go with the flow. The flow knows where to lead you and will not let you down. God made you very unique and its time to see yourself as a gift, not as someone who is flawed.

With a lot of love from here,

Dr. Jenine Marie Howry, PhD

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Advantages of a Highly Sensitive Person

sensitive-people-300x300Have you ever had someone say to you, “You are being so sensitive”, or ” You are just too sensitive of a person”? It almost sounds like an insult, doesn’t it? It’s like being sensitive is a bad thing to be. In all honesty it really is not all that bad. Personally, I think if I had the choice I would rather be around a sensitive person than one who is insensitive. If you are one of the many highly sensitive people in this world, you have some great advantages to celebrate!

Advantages of Highly Sensitive People

  1. Good things that happen in life are experienced with more depth and can be even more euphoric.
  2. Sensitive people are more aware of things surrounding them and therefore can be more cautious.
  3. Laughter and joy can be even more intense and experienced more often and longer.
  4. All things mystical and spiritual are much more magnified and experienced more profoundly.
  5. Compassion and humility come more easily.
  6. Sensitive thinkers can more readily see things from more than one angle; like both sides of a story or argument.
  7. Service to humanity is more profound.
  8. Love of life is deeper.
  9. Sensitive people can be more intuitive in decisions and wise in thinking.
  10. A stronger appreciation for nature and all things created.


Some Disadvantages

Of course, along with anything, there are some disadvantages to look out for. Very sensitive people can be more emotional in a difficult way, respond to bad things more easily, become hurt more easily, can tend to take things out of context and overreact to things done to them or around them.

Learning the lifelong lesson of processing difficult things more slowly is the best remedy for the sensitive at heart. Keep in mind, your sensitivity is a gift to yourself and this world. There is no need for you to change, just work on tempering down overreactions. Remember to act and not react! This means learning the value of taking a meditative pause before acting or answering.

Sensitively Yours,

Rev. Jenine Marie Howry

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