Our Powerful Intuition!

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We all know that gut feeling when something is wrong. We feel it deep inside our stomach, and it won’t let up until we heed its message. If we let it continue by not “listening,” we go through the outer issue from which those feelings came. It’s all a learning experience, and quite often, it’s a hard lesson.

According to an article on Healthline, we have a connection between our brain and gut. Therefore we experience sickening feelings or other issues when something is wrong. Intuitively we can experience the same thing coming from our superconscious mind or higher self. We have our conscious mindfulness that operates in the now moment as our human experience. We also have our subconscious mind that feeds into our lives, whatever is programmed there. Our subconscious mind operates without emotion and reflects the experiences we picked up along the way. The superconscious mind is connected as our higher self and taps into the extraordinary wisdom and glory of the universe and God.

Our soul is healed and nurtured by the superconscious mind if we allow it and seek it. Since the power and light of God run through us, we can tap into wisdom, knowledge, intuition, and guidance through seeking inside of ourselves. Wisdom can be received in any situation, but usually, the knowledge we receive comes quickly and feels like gut intuition. We are empowered when we step back, reflect, and redirect ourselves. Observing for a while will reveal more truth about ourselves and life if we give it a chance and seek it.

Many people recoil when the word “psychic” comes up. This word means “soul knowledge.” Psychology comes from the same idea as the study of soul information and understanding. Practicing soul knowledge is very helpful if we desire to live an empowered life. Being empowered can begin with nurturing intuition by following our gut advice. I’m sure most have heard the expression “practice makes perfect.” We perfect our abilities by practicing daily.

Meditating on sensing when we have that gut intuition and programming ourselves to act upon what we sense is a good place to begin. It takes practice, but intuition is natural and comes very easily. Once we have the hang of it and learn to trust ourselves, no one can refute what our feelings are speaking to us when they come up.

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, Ph.D.


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Characteristics of Love: Love is Patient

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As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, real love is not a feeling, although there is a component of love that brings about emotion. Sometimes the emotion gives a sense of “feeling good” or “feeling bad”. I think this is where our painful love songs tend to come from and the ones that add to the idea that  love is exhilarating. It can be, because attraction can be euphoric. It’s supposed to be that way or no one would ever become involved with others. The euphoria we feel is experienced through the release of feel good neurotransmitters, or chemicals, from the brain. They, of course, trigger our emotions. Our hearts pound, our brains feel fixated on thoughts of a new connection with someone we feel very special about. These are wonderful! Don’t miss those moments.

Real love has to do with characteristics. One of the definitions of God is “love”. What is being defined are the characteristics of love and those of God. The bible sends a message that describes love in the form of the characteristics of God and what real love should be like. One, is that “love is patient”. Patience waits. It waits through adversity, questioning, difficulty, or even upon beautiful anticipated moments. Patience as a characteristic of love states, “I will wait for you until you catch up”, or “I will wait for you no matter what.” Patience brings the ability to persevere. Perseverance is the character muscle that is built up when we work on being patient with someone or even ourselves. Think about how painful building muscle can be. Building perseverance through patience can be painful as well. It means we have to WAIT. Keep in mind that waiting builds strength. When we learn to wait we become internally stronger and more stable in our ability to love.

Being patient also means to love during adversity or even bad behavior. We don’t have to love the behavior. This is where we get confused. It is possible to love a person but not the behavior coming from them. We don’t have to accept bad behavior either, but we can step back and wait because that is what love does. That is what God does with us. God waits. He waits through our bad behavior, through our growth spurts, through our hard decisions and through our distractions in life. Aren’t you glad He waits? If it were not truth, then it would mean that God would leave us, which is promised would never happen.

When I close my eyes and think of God waiting, I get a sense of a presence that is still, silent, and embracing. Being patient is easier with this image in mind. The next time you express impatience, take a deep breath and take this image with you. Think of God as being still, silent, loving, and waiting. Think of God as embracing and caring. Allow this image to fill your heart with love for whomever you feel impatient with. Even if you are feeling impatient with yourself, take the time to see the image of God in this way. Then take that image and visualize it as light moving into your heart and circulate it through your whole being. Use mindfulness to state to yourself, ” I am perfecting patience, and I am persevering. I am loving.”

Then thank yourself for taking on a characteristic of true love!

Loving you from here,

Dr Jenine Marie Howry

Being Bruised

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Lately, I have noticed bruises pop up on my body seemingly out of nowhere. It’s been happening for more than a month now. Even where my arm has felt trauma from injections for a recent biopsy, the bruising has been more than I usually would have. I thought maybe I’ve lacked a vitamin or something, but I take them every day and eat pretty well.

Today, I was spending my morning meditative time just listening to music and talking to God. Then suddenly, really without thinking why, I wrapped my arms around myself and gave myself a huge hug. I stayed that way for awhile because it felt so comforting and peaceful.

The thoughts came to me; those higher ones that seem to come bubbling up out of nowhere. I am bruised. My body is showing me bruising because my heart is bruised. I’m an empath, and I have taken other people’s bruising all of my life. It has never mattered if it was directed at me or not but a lot of the time it has been directed at me. People act out of their own bruises and soul pain. An empath will suck it in like a sponge. The energy and emotion has to go somewhere, so sensitive people and empath’s will retain it and become the walking bruised.

So today, I released it all, gently. Because that is how things should always be for me: gentle. It’s how God wants it; gentle. Some people are born awakened to God. Why that is, I have no idea, but we are. When that happens we see things differently from the beginning. We see and notice other people’s “stuff”. We see and feel their pain. We notice their struggle. We experience their joy higher. We know their lies, even the ones to themselves. We sense their inner soul pain, and we soak in their bad behavior toward us like arrows that have no other place to go.

We receive spiritual messages from literally everything and we have to share them because we feel like we would explode if we don’t. It’s meant to be that way, we are made that way. We are a walking message, already opened, and revealed no matter where we go. We seem to be solemn at times, quiet, and unassuming. We are soaking things in and processing. Then other times we are outrageously joy filled and we have felt like we just touched the soul of heaven. No, it’s not bipolar, its a difficult gift. It’s meant to warn, to direct, to be on guard, to ignite passion, to bring profound understanding, and to bridge the gap between God and humanity.

If this is you, rejoice! Your battle has been hard. You have been taxed more than any  one person ever should have. Life has seemed unfair because you have given more than you could ever imagine and yet you still take the sting from others stuff. It’s so you can point them the way to heal it. You feel there is no other choice, and there isn’t. You are one of life’s amazing gifts from God. You walk on earth, but it feels like the dirt is always murky thick mud because the struggle is real. Remember though, the lotus flower grows and blossoms in thick mud and it’s one of this earth’s most amazingly beautiful flowers. So are you!

Loving you from here,

Dr Rev Jenine Marie Howry