Advantages of a Highly Sensitive Person

sensitive-people-300x300Have you ever had someone say to you, “You are being so sensitive”, or ” You are just too sensitive of a person”? It almost sounds like an insult, doesn’t it? It’s like being sensitive is a bad thing to be. In all honesty it really is not all that bad. Personally, I think if I had the choice I would rather be around a sensitive person than one who is insensitive. If you are one of the many highly sensitive people in this world, you have some great advantages to celebrate!

Advantages of Highly Sensitive People

  1. Good things that happen in life are experienced with more depth and can be even more euphoric.
  2. Sensitive people are more aware of things surrounding them and therefore can be more cautious.
  3. Laughter and joy can be even more intense and experienced more often and longer.
  4. All things mystical and spiritual are much more magnified and experienced more profoundly.
  5. Compassion and humility come more easily.
  6. Sensitive thinkers can more readily see things from more than one angle; like both sides of a story or argument.
  7. Service to humanity is more profound.
  8. Love of life is deeper.
  9. Sensitive people can be more intuitive in decisions and wise in thinking.
  10. A stronger appreciation for nature and all things created.


Some Disadvantages

Of course, along with anything, there are some disadvantages to look out for. Very sensitive people can be more emotional in a difficult way, respond to bad things more easily, become hurt more easily, can tend to take things out of context and overreact to things done to them or around them.

Learning the lifelong lesson of processing difficult things more slowly is the best remedy for the sensitive at heart. Keep in mind, your sensitivity is a gift to yourself and this world. There is no need for you to change, just work on tempering down overreactions. Remember to act and not react! This means learning the value of taking a meditative pause before acting or answering.

Sensitively Yours,

Rev. Jenine Marie Howry

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