Characteristics of Love: Love is Not Rude

God is love. Can you imagine God’s love ever being rude? Rudeness is offensive and God can not create an offense. It violates universal standards and characteristics of God and love. With everything God has created there is a standard that can be aligned with. One of the standards of God’s love is being polite;Continue reading “Characteristics of Love: Love is Not Rude”

Characteristics of Love: Love is Kind

Kindness shines its light as a reflection of love especially during times of distress. As I explained in a previous blog post, there is a difference between being “nice” and being kind. Kindness takes compassion and empathy. It fulfills its power by giving to another without expectation of anything in return. It is an actContinue reading “Characteristics of Love: Love is Kind”

You Have Relationship Choices

Everyone, I mean everyone, has baggage in this life. Personally, sometimes I feel like I packed a full load of luggage and just called out “all aboard”! Seriously, we are born into this world as a free and pure soul with nothing written upon it yet. Sometimes I wish we could stay that way butContinue reading “You Have Relationship Choices”