Characteristics of Love: Love is Not Rude

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God is love. Can you imagine God’s love ever being rude? Rudeness is offensive and God can not create an offense. It violates universal standards and characteristics of God and love. With everything God has created there is a standard that can be aligned with. One of the standards of God’s love is being polite; the opposite of rude.

Love speaks with a tone of soft acceptance even when the expression is something hard to say. Remember, love draws others inward with acceptance and compassion. Rudeness causes an offense between two people or others. Rudeness draws anger and hurt out of others. I know when someone is real offensive to me it hurts a lot. Any heart that seeks out to have love fill their hearts will be deeply saddened and hurt by someone’s abrupt rudeness or crudeness. It’s not to say that I, or anyone are perfect. We can’t be. We are human. Yet, we all can make an attempt to at least follow the standards of God’s love and work toward having a tone of kindness.

I, like Kind David in the Bible, love God’s standards and characteristics of real love. They give us all something to work toward every day. Today, meditate on kindness again. If you continue to foster the opposite of rudeness you will have set that standard within you and be aligned with God. I know it might be harder when someone is very offensive to not be rude back, but it’s better to be silent before we speak. You will save yourself a lot of heartache in the long run.

Loving you from here,

Dr Jenine Marie Howry

Characteristics of Love: Love is Kind

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Kindness shines its light as a reflection of love especially during times of distress. As I explained in a previous blog post, there is a difference between being “nice” and being kind. Kindness takes compassion and empathy. It fulfills its power by giving to another without expectation of anything in return. It is an act of generosity and empathetic giving with no motive of being “seen” or to gather points for the ego. Kindness is unconditional love.

Kindness is a characteristic of love that can only be without conditions attached to it. Love, in God’s fashion, is tremendously kind. This means when others are at their worst or at their best. There is no condition accept the willingness to give and receive. It’s great to be nice to others but to be kind shows depth of understanding. Kindness comes from the place inside of us where God resides. It is the Light and reflection of God and God’s character.

Kindness does random acts, since it really does not have the need to be acknowledged by its giver. In fact, love and kindness can be quite healing. Take a look at the world around you today and take note of where there is a need for healing. Can you perform an act of love in the form of kindness today and maybe every day? How about in your closest relationship when it is the hardest to give?

Don’t forget to be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself for anything you might hold yourself hostage to. Be kind and give to yourself unconditionally and without reservation. Give compassion and goodness every single day by self care and self love. Then you will understand what is needed outside of yourself as well. Give love to another as you have given to yourself and as God has given to you. It is a healing cycle that never ends. We always receive back what we give out from any direction that destiny decides to send it. In the realm of eternity there is an eternal act of kindness, compassion, giving, and love.

Loving you from here,

Dr Jenine Marie Howry

You Have Relationship Choices

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Everyone, I mean everyone, has baggage in this life. Personally, sometimes I feel like I packed a full load of luggage and just called out “all aboard”! Seriously, we are born into this world as a free and pure soul with nothing written upon it yet. Sometimes I wish we could stay that way but there is no learning in that. The hard thing is our baggage attracts our experiences. In the case of relationships, we more than often attract the learning experiences than the more pleasant or easy ones. Iv’e concluded that life is not meant to be easy, but we don’t have to complicate it more.

What do we do when we have attracted the most difficult experience into our lives? Of course, we all have choices, right? The choice to roll with the punches is always there if learning is what we desire. Or sometimes it is healing we really need to receive. Or we can choose to leave it behind and opt for relationships that give us more ease and comfort. Sometimes they are the image of who we desire to be. What we put out there in our desires with intention and emotion are what we are going to attract.

We can learn from these relationships as well. They don’t all have to be the hard side of Karma. They can be the easier ride. Wouldn’t you rather sit on a nice fluffy cushion than a chair with pins and needles sticking out of it? I hate to be graphic but that is basically the difference in our relationship choices. Sometimes we have to leave the pins and needles behind us and opt for the fluffy cushion. Learning from someone who is amazingly giving and kind can be extremely healing.

If that is the experience you desire than go for it! Kindness is more than someone who is being “nice”. Kindness comes from the depth of someone’s soul, and from someone who cares deeply for us. We can choose this! I think sometimes we believe in our hearts we have no choices but choice is always there like a teacher and a friend.

Do you want the “balm of Gilead”; something soothing to your soul? Or, do you want what feels like a whipping on the cross? Again, its your choice. If you need help in this area of intention, you can set up a counseling or coaching session. Maybe set up a few! What else do you have to lose accept your unhappiness? You can attract more kindness toward you. Be kind. Set your intention for kindness. Meditate on love and kindness. Be grateful.  Be aware! Always look for the opportunities that you are being sent. Don’t miss your chance!

Loving you from here,

Dr Jenine Marie Howry, PhD

Spiritual Guidance Counselor/Practical Life Coach