Are YOU an Empath? This is What it is Like

I want to start off by saying this is very daring for me. It’s like an empath coming out party! So many of us have heightened senses and yet are told there is something WRONG with us instead of seeing what is completely RIGHT with us!

Learning to sail our ship through life as an empath is not an easy journey but it is one that is worth it! If you have been thinking you might be an empath, maybe it is time to get real with what you feel, think, and sense? Maybe it is time to accept and love the person you are with all of your beautiful sensations?

You can use your empath responses in good ways to give yourself knowledge of situations, sense danger more accurately, and embrace that intuitive person you are! Don’t allow anyone to cause you to feel flawed because you feel and sense things more than others do! You are a gift to this age and I want you to feel cozy in your own skin!

Contrary to many beliefs, being an empath is not something to heal from, but a gift to embrace and use as an intuitive compass. I am sharing my experiences and feelings as an empath so others can understand what it is like to be born one! Believe me, it’s OK! YOU are ok! So, let’s discuss it. Finding others who are like you will help you to embrace the beauty of who you are and to stop allowing others in who are continually trying to change you! What you can do instead is learn self acceptance and how to determine when your feelings are due to others outside of you or due to your own.

Remember, make it a beautiful journey!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, Ph.D.

The Gifts of Time and Appreciation

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Coming out of a local store, I recognized a woman who was a part of my church. I had not been her Pastor for very long but I knew her from years gone by.  She had a look of desperation on her face and obviously needed some help. I spent part of the afternoon with her, helping her with some very urgent issues. Its always a labor of love to help someone who is struggling. I believe it truly sets up blessing in our lives.

When we were done I was amazed that so much time had gone by. It seemed like moments and yet it was hours. After our time together was over that day I took a look at her again. Her whole face had changed from desperation to relaxation. It’s like she could breathe again. Sometimes resuscitation is not mouth to mouth but heart to heart. As I walked her to her car she turned around to look a me as she opened the door. With tears in her eyes she said, “My life is better because you are in it.” I could hardly contain what feeling her comments gave to me that day.

Appreciation is a true gift to the heart. For some reason I want to call it a healer because I believe it is. Whatever might have been on my mind that day before she became a part of how it unfolded had just drifted away into another place. My heart became consumed with how much she appreciated me as a person and her Pastor. It was only some of my time and maybe a little help as well. Yet, for her it was everything. Her gratitude and appreciation was like an unexpected blessing and miracle to me.

We all go through things in life. We all have bad days and good ones. The ones that mean the most are the ones where someone somewhere says their life is better because we are in it. It is the gift of purpose and appreciation. God tells us that we perish when we lose our dreams and visions for our lives. We have to have them because they give us hope. She returned the blessing I offered her that day with feeling of purpose. There is something about knowing we are needed and appreciated that makes life a little more worthwhile. Even in our darkest nights of the soul, appreciation is a gift that brings hope like a lantern shining brightly through the dark places.

Don’t forget to tell someone your life is better because they are in it today. You will bless and heal them beyond what you even think.

Loving you from here,

Dr Jenine Marie Howry, PhD


Living in the Present Mindful Moment

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Quite a while back Dr Wayne Dyer came out with his book, “The Power of Now”. Dr. Dyer, (aka one of my favorite bald guys), is no longer with us, but his book lives on. The main idea is living every day in the moment that has presented itself. This does not mean to not plan for the future, it means to not project yourself into it. It does not mean not to look at the past, it means to only learn from it.

If anyone can master the power of living in the present moment, I kid you not, it is truly a gift. Living in the present moment takes away the temptation to project assumptions on people’s intentions or the outcomes of life. It takes away the stress of feeling like the future is hopeless. We are then given the opportunity to trust and allow life to unfold with ease instead of causing dis-ease.

Another benefit is more meaning to the life lived and the feeling that life is moving way too fast is slowed down. Life is more enjoyable this way. That is not to say bad things won’t happen. It means, no matter what happens we honor the present moment honestly and truthfully. It means there is no worry about outcome so we are serene and mindful about how we are going to act on what has been presented.

If the moment brings sadness, then we honor our experience by tears. God gave them to us for a reason. If the moment brings something precious, then it is even more precious because we have mindfully slowed down our processing and can enjoy it. One reason we focus on the breath during meditation is to stop our brains from racing out of control and giving honor to the power of just being alive. Have you ever tried to just close your eyes and concentrate on breathing for 5 minutes? If meditation is not your regular practice then you will find it is so hard to keep your mind from going every direction. It seems to race out of control with thoughts, ideas, and “stuff”. Suddenly those 5 minutes feel like a lifetime.

Remember the saying “A watched pot never boils?” It only feels that way because all concentration is on that one moment. It feels like it takes forever! Every moment lived mindfully in the present is just like that! It is like time is slowing down and things that are normally missed are now called to attention. Insights are sharper and intuition can come through easier. Appreciation for the beauty in life becomes a part of life. Living in every mindful moment is powerful because we discover what is normally missed or ignored.

When a woman is in labor, every painful contraction feels like it lasts an eternity. She is forced to be mindful and to live in that moment because labor pains are very hard to ignore! The result; the birth of a beautiful new baby boy or girl. That moment of joy is only highlighted by the mindful passing of the pain it took to get there. Life can be like that! Our joys are mindfully much more wonderful because honoring the painful parts make them so much more amazing.

Do you see how living in the present moment is a gift? In life there will always be shadows, but they only cause the light to look so much brighter! When we refuse to slow down and allow our minds and actions to race through life, we miss this! It does not mean we just sit and do nothing all of the time. It means our minds can be trained to live each moment like it is eternity while we are active or not. We pay attention to even the little things that normally are missed.

Take a moment to just close your eyes and let the breeze just feel good on your face. Pay attention to only the breeze and how good it feels. When thoughts start to race in your mind just let them go by bringing focus back on the breeze. In mindful meditation we focus only on the breath. Just think of it going in and then going out. When thoughts come we honor them, let them pass, and turn focus back on the breath. It’s hard at first but meditation in this way trains us to be able to slow our thoughts down and get more focus in life. Remember focus is important because we draw toward us what we focus on. In that moment there is a choice. Focus on the racing of your mind, or the beauty of the breath. Focus on the heat of the day or the relief of the gentle breeze. Focus on the painful parts of life or giving it honor and trusting for a solution.

It takes practice, but practice has its rewards. It’s almost like a miracle when a solution to a problem presents itself because we have taken the time to slow down and be mindful of the experience. Practice it daily and you will see how issues seem to almost solve themselves. When things are hard, be mindful that the lotus flower blossoms in deep thick mud. That’s how life will be for you. When the mud hits you, then you will have learned to only blossom!

Loving you from here, and mindful of that miracle,

Dr Rev Jenine Marie Howry

Be Who You Are With No Apology!


We live in such a diverse world with so many views, ideas, and ways of understanding things. It’s what has made us so unique, and yet, sometimes seemingly complicated. We have seen huge crops of views coming up in our world just in the political arena alone. Don’t worry, I’m not going there!

I feel often our beliefs and ideas can get complicated to the point where we really need to do some soul searching or excavating to find the real person we are inside, and the truth we hold. Having our own truth is our God given gift, our human right, and universal choice. How could we possibly fit together to create the beautiful portrait of God that we are when we are one with each other if we don’t allow ourselves to be as God intended?

We are a masterpiece and together we create a greater masterpiece! It’s easy to allow the opinions of others sway us from our true purpose, our personal truth, or our private walk with God. So many opinions, so little time! What I want to really impress in this post is to be yourself; your true self, with no apology. When we are all willing to do this we are more of a gift to one another than to conform to others opinions. That only confuses us.

If you feel confused about your purpose, your truth, or where you fit in the divine scheme of things, then maybe you are trying to conform to someone else’s image and not God’s. Taking on the ego of another will not fulfill your purpose in life. Taking on the divine choice God has given you will complete your purpose!

So, where do you start? Love yourself. Love everything God has created you to be. Love God within you and all that has been created around you, even when things seem hard to love. Your reflection in the mirror will change automatically when you remember to love what God gave you without apology and without diverting. We will all see eventually how things were intended to be designed.  When things all work together the right way they will work out!

I think we have a time of celebration coming! What do you think?

Loving you from here,

Dr. Jenine Marie Howry

Would You Like to Know How to Cultivate Your Intuition? Come take a look!

pexels-photo-255268.jpegEver have a nudge inside of your gut that says, “Do NOT go there?” Or maybe it was something else, like something that might be very successful and you just “knew” it would work. Of course God guides us but He also gave us intuition that has been instilled in us for a purpose.

Do you want to know how to cultivate this amazing gift you naturally have and make it more profound? I know I sure wanted to. Of course, I am the curious type. I love to share this information so this video is about 45 minutes or so long. There was just so much to say, you know?

So, get some popcorn or some coffee or both and settle in for this teaching. Your gut feeling will thank you!


Loving you from here,

Dr. Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries LLC