The World Needs Empaths

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Empaths are those who feel others’ emotions and feelings at a deeper level than most. This might be displayed in flashes of experiences that most people had long forgotten. In this case, the empath is processing residue from those experiences and cutting karmic cords in those experiences. Or an empath might feel the feelings of another that go far beyond compassion to the point of crying tears with them. This helps release pressure in the energy field of a human being who is processing more internal pain than they need to handle.

An empath will feel the physical pain others are enduring and can apply energy healing either in person or by distance healing. This aids the healing process for another and will help their heart to open up to more life experiences again.

An empath will also feel and sense world events that might be disturbing. Sending love, energy, compassion, healing, and positive visualization can send messages to those who are bent on chaos to help in changing the aura area to love.

If you are thinking or believing that there are some who are too sensitive, think again. Being in an empathetic state is one of the highest roles of world service there is. Don’t attempt to stop an empath from feeling their feelings. It won’t work. Their natural state of being is learning to cope with crying others’ tears, feeling the world’s pain, and helping to process healing.

How can you help an empath close to you?

When they need rest, LET THEM REST

Don’t bring more of an emotional burden upon them than they already deal with.

Understand that life is not always about YOU. Sometimes life has to be about others who need the healing compassionate boost from empathetic people.

Remember empathy is a place of service to others and a way to filter the world’s energetic love deficit. When an empath is processing, LEAVE THEM ALONE!

Don’t place more upon the empath than they can bear at any given moment. YOU will then be the one who stops the healing process and are subject to karmic issues in your own life. Let a healer heal and tend to your own issues instead of putting them upon one who is working internally hard to gift the rest of the world with the healing energy and compassion that is much needed.

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry

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