Reiki Healing and Christianity

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Life Lessons by Jenine Marie

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In my current research, I have found more and more medical professionals are recognizing the value of Reiki in healing ailments. Counselors and therapists are recognizing the value of Reiki healing for their patients with anxiety, depression, and emotional scars from the past. The one area that is now beginning to see the value in Reiki is within the realm of religion and belief.

Those of the Christian faith often struggle with the question of whether Reiki is right for them or not. Yet, most Christians accept medication for mental illnesses and physical problems. Also, where would we be if individuals were not trained as surgeons when an appendix is about to burst? Regardless of religious belief, an appendectomy can save someone’s life! At some point in history, Christianity has learned to accept that sometimes God heals through the hands of a surgeon, medications, and other scientific…

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