Be the Blossom You Want in This World!

It can be so easy to look at the world and concentrate on all the things it is not. Just watch the evening news for a while and see how negative you become very quickly; not to mention fearful. I think it is valid to say most of us desire a world easier to getContinue reading “Be the Blossom You Want in This World!”

Release from Heaviness and Burdens Affirmation

For those of you who take on more than you should, it’s time for a release from the heaviness you feel from the strain. If you try to carry too much you can not walk uprightly nor freely. It’s like you have ankle weights strapped to you and every step feels like you carry theContinue reading “Release from Heaviness and Burdens Affirmation”

Do You Hold Back Your Truth Just to Keep Peace? Here is What You Need to Know

Let me encourage you to be completely honest with yourself. First, I need to ask you this question. Do you avoid bringing up subjects you are concerned about in relationships to try to maintain peace? If your answer is yes, let’s stop and consider this question for a moment. Close your eyes and think aboutContinue reading “Do You Hold Back Your Truth Just to Keep Peace? Here is What You Need to Know”

How We Find Peace in the Moment and Bring Out Joy

For a very long time, I was a seeker of peace. After all, peace is what I was taught to pursue. To me, having peace meant happiness. Even more profound, having peace meant going beyond happiness and into joy. I have come to realize that joy is peace expressed. When inner peace overtakes the soul,Continue reading “How We Find Peace in the Moment and Bring Out Joy”

Living in the Present Mindful Moment

Quite a while back Dr Wayne Dyer came out with his book, “The Power of Now”. Dr. Dyer, (aka one of my favorite bald guys), is no longer with us, but his book lives on. The main idea is living every day in the moment that has presented itself. This does not mean to notContinue reading “Living in the Present Mindful Moment”

Weekly Wisdom: Mastering Calm in the Storm. “Peace be still.”

Have you ever experienced a natural calm during a time of challenge or disaster? Our bodies create this calm in order to help us see a situation clearly and deal with it quickly and efficiently. It truly is quite a miracle! I know I have felt this sudden calm during some of the most difficultContinue reading “Weekly Wisdom: Mastering Calm in the Storm. “Peace be still.””

Transitional Periods Should Be a Time of Rest and Peaceful Waters

Transition is as faithful as God is faithful. If there is no transition then there is no growth, gain in wisdom, or gain in strength. I often call them new seasons but right now transition seems more appropriate. Taking the emotion out of the upheaval is the harder part. We struggle under the pressure ofContinue reading “Transitional Periods Should Be a Time of Rest and Peaceful Waters”

Let the Children Be in Peace

I think this blog post is going to be a little spewing out. I wanted to write something else because I am trying to keep my series of subjects on my blog aligned with a video subject and something empowering in audio. I’m sure I will work that out but when I have something inContinue reading “Let the Children Be in Peace”