Every Child Born is in Divine Timing

I was told, as the story goes, I was not expected to be here. I guess better words are my parents never thought they could have another child after my sister. I was supposed to be here though. Maybe I taught my parents about miracles? I’m not sure, it was their lesson. My lesson hasContinue reading “Every Child Born is in Divine Timing”

Childhood Sexual Abuse: A Prayer to Begin Healing

I know, childhood sexual abuse is not an easy subject to talk about, especially when so many people go to such great lengths to hide it and stuff it away. It’s never hidden as much as anyone thinks it is though. Of course God knows. God knows everything. Children eventually grow up to be adultsContinue reading “Childhood Sexual Abuse: A Prayer to Begin Healing”

Let the Children Be in Peace

I think this blog post is going to be a little spewing out. I wanted to write something else because I am trying to keep my series of subjects on my blog aligned with a video subject and something empowering in audio. I’m sure I will work that out but when I have something inContinue reading “Let the Children Be in Peace”

Woman To Struggling Woman

I remember having a neighbor who was a single mom of a couple teen aged kids. I could feel the stress without even knowing her because I was a single mom with five kids in years gone by. It is not an easy position to hold in this world. Single mothers get battered by societyContinue reading “Woman To Struggling Woman”