I Could Easily Be Sick to My Stomach (Read Anyway, It Gets Better!)

bh7gmftkI woke up today in the same way I usually wake up. I stumbled into the kitchen to get my coffee, fed the cats, and said good morning to my hubby. It’s a beautiful day today so I slid open a few windows to hear the birds and take in the wonderful spring like air! Wow, that really is nice! Then I like to check my messages and see what is happening in the world. I need to know these things because I live here! You know…in the world.

I sipped my coffee and just got caught up on some friends updates, some emails, and even a few prayer requests. I had not prayed yet this morning because I like to see what is going on first before I do that. It’s a good practice. We can’t address what we don’t know about and everything is pretty important when it comes to our lives.

Then it happened. As I got caught up, I suddenly felt like I wanted to PUKE! Yep, I just said that! I took a deep breath and let it out with a sigh. It only took me about 30 minutes to get  to that place, where I wanted to puke. I’m not fond of that feeling but I am sure God is not fond of it either when it happens to Him. Oh yes! It DOES happen to Him too!  You think not? Check out Revelation 3:16 where God tells the church that they are neither hot nor cold so He will SPIT THEM OUT OF HIS MOUTH! The love just was not there in the church, ya know? God just wasn’t feelin’ it.

Ok So Here Is My Rant ! 

In all honesty I really don’t want to hear about what Pastor people feel is apostate or not. I’m not in the mood for dishonoring our country by calling our President “Hitler”. I could care less what bathroom people feel they need to use. I mean really, when a person has to go, just go! When I really need the bathroom, I use what is available because its a natural thing, its going to happen regardless to where I plant my body! Yep, I do care a lot about gender and race issues. I mean, I would love to have people get along and go a bit deeper than what is on the outside, but that is not going to happen just because I want it to. Let’s face it, people will think what they think and believe what they believe. I don’t give a rats potato about having an argument about any of that!

Yep, it all kind of made me want to vomit this morning. Just like God feels when the church’s love is neither hot nor cold. This is not a reflection on the church. It’s just a point I am making here. Let me tell you what I DO care about and let’s see if this makes any sense at all.

I care about if people are hungry and if there is a good shelter for them to get out of the heat or cold. I care if people need love, because if that is true, I will give them some! If someone is struggling with addictions I want to pray that right out of them because that stuff is just messy and it hurts them and everyone around them. If someone needs a hug, I am right there! I WILL hug you and I don’t care what bathroom you need to use! If something is bothering someone, like if their marriage is a struggle today, I want to LISTEN to their issue. I might not have an answer. I might just have some suggestions. I do know what is really needed the most is to have someone listen. We all need someone who will listen. I care about loving not hating. I care about faith and not having people feel lonely.

Yes, I have my rants and sometimes I am not happy with political decisions. In all honesty, anyone’s opinion about whether Trump builds a wall or not is not going to heal a broken heart when someone gets dumped by someone they truly love. The wall will go up or maybe it won’t, but a broken heart needs love, faith, prayer, and kindness in order to reconstruct it. This is the greatest part; AND JESUS ALREADY PAID FOR THE HEALING! We don’t need Mexico or anyone else to pay for it! JESUS did that for FREE! 

So you see, although I have my opinions about a lot of stuff, I really would much rather be a part of what this world needs more than anything else, and that is God’s love. It’s so much more constructive! I can’t tell anyone to think the same as I do. I can’t persuade someone to even believe as I believe. Heck, I can’t even make anyone like me when they don’t! Truth is, whether ya like me or not, my focus has to be what the world truly needs.

I pray a baptism of love, compassion, listening, honoring, warmth, shelter, food, wisdom, faith, and Holy Spirit, upon this land and world today. I pray that especially upon the lives of those who need it. I pray deliverance to whatever people are captive to, and I do this all in the name above any other name, JESUS! Regardless to who is at the helm of our country’s ship, or who is called Pastor, JESUS IS KING!

Loving you all right from here,

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

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Let the Children Be in Peace

Rev Jenine MarieI think this blog post is going to be a little spewing out. I wanted to write something else because I am trying to keep my series of subjects on my blog aligned with a video subject and something empowering in audio. I’m sure I will work that out but when I have something in my craw there is no stopping my mouth even if it is in type. If you have read my blog at all , you know how I feel about bullying. As I read about cyber attacks on our new president’s son and his wife, I had that sick feeling inside my stomach. I hate that junk.

Honestly, I don’t care if you like them or not. What I do care about is respecting them even when we disagree. I mean, that is what we all personally want, right? I know I want respect. I’m sure our president’s son does not feel good when adults go into attack mode regarding  opinions of his father, the position, or family life. After all, who really knows about the family life of the Trumps? None of us do. Neither here nor there.

Here is my point: leave the kid alone. Doesn’t he have enough weighing on his shoulders at his young age? Let him be a child. Growing up is hard. There are so many emotions to deal with as we mature. Don’t you remember some of yours? I know that I remember some of mine! They become life long lessons that we have to work on later as time goes by.

Here is the bottom line of this post: Bullying whether in person or online is inexcusable. We can’t really stop it because people will be who they are no matter what we say about the subject. I’m sure others are not going to change their mind and be kind just because I have said so. We all have opinions , that’s for sure. My shock is that our president’s son suffered a cyber “put down” by an ADULT. Don’t we think its time we grew up?

Jesus let us all know how He feels about being unkind to the little children. A person is better off just tying themselves to a lump of concrete and throwing themselves over the edge of a bridge.(Basically His words not mine.) I’m not suggesting that, it’s just that Jesus was saying, DON’T MESS WITH THEM! The future of our world, and our next generation depends on their sanity. Do we really want to mess with that? I mean, one day we will all be older and our lives will be in the hands of the ones who we raised up for this generation. Do we want them to be as cruel to us as some have been to them?

I think we should reconsider, be slow to speak, and walk out love the best way we can. I know this comes off as a rant, but what good is being a woman of faith if I can’t express my  disdain over the cruelty of others. Let’s protect the children and give them a chance to grow up loving instead of giving them the worst example of us as an older generation. Iv’e watched bullying going on when my kids were growing up. It is painful to watch. Do we want to create that pain that will some day become anger?

It’s not a wise decision to raise a bunch of angry children who will some day make decisions regarding world peace and the nuclear bomb. Give that a thought for a moment.

Just a rant from the heart,

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry