You Are a Cosmic Transparent Being

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Even the shyest person is more transparent than they think. We pick up more about people than we realize. It is hard to conceal everything, although we often think we are. Our actions speak much louder than words. Also, we pick up on people’s subtle stories much more than we realize. We are transparent, just like clear tape. We think we hide the sticky parts, but honestly, we never hide a thing.

We are like radio waves that broadcast across the airway every moment. Those waves of energy have thought attached to them. Ever wonder how some people seem to be intuitive? Often, they are reading the cosmic waves that we all put out. Before you think this is way too strange to keep reading, think about it a bit more.

If we all emit energy from our bodies and we all attract energy toward us, then we also emit and attract all that goes with it, including thought. Thoughts create. They do this by sending out waves on a frequency that ends up attracting the same. In some cases, the frequencies attract a Karmic situation either to bless us or teach us.

I have said it before, and I will repeat it. Nothing is ever hidden. We send out our feelings and things we wish no one could know, out into the atmosphere daily. I giggle a bit when I think of the Bible verse, “Be sure your sin will find you out.”  Everything finds you out. In other words, things are revealed from you and to you.

I like the idea of knowing things that most believe we do not know. We can be distracted sometimes and miss things but if we fine tune our awareness there is not much that can be hidden either by us or from us. More than that, nothing is hidden from God, our Creator, the Universe, or any way you choose to think about it.

Sometimes if things are not revealed our life situations will reveal them. We attract these things toward us by our actions. On one side of the spectrum I think this is very cool. On another side it can be disturbing. I used to know people who found out things by tapping the phone, or someone’s computer. Silly people! Look at life around you, foster your awareness, meditate and pray. You will discover we all can tap into the divine that is within us all!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, PhD

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Transitional Periods Should Be a Time of Rest and Peaceful Waters


Transition is as faithful as God is faithful. If there is no transition then there is no growth, gain in wisdom, or gain in strength. I often call them new seasons but right now transition seems more appropriate. Taking the emotion out of the upheaval is the harder part. We struggle under the pressure of new things almost seemingly forced upon us. With tender hearts and sometimes our tail between our legs we venture into what feels like the unknown.

God is giving us an opportunity to trust during these times. Its easy to have faith when things are seen but having faith in the unseen is a bit harder, especially when life feels less secure. I think transitional prayer should be a “thing”. Its probably one of the more important times for prayer. God listens from the inside out and knows our dreams, our fears, and our sorrows. He counts our tears, and beckons us to become stronger. Ultimately, if we place our heart in His hands we will be stronger for it.

God has a universe of support for us during times or seasons of transition. Asking Him to provide that support with grace is an important part of the step toward a stronger transitional period. The words of Jesus, “Peace be still” echos through my spirit. He is good at calming the storms and wants us to become good at it too. So today, I am speaking to my own heart and soul as well as yours if you need it, “Peace be still”. Let the waters of the storm calm down and become soft like a glassy lake in the sunset.

Peace be still though tears and rain,

Peace be still through sickness and hardship

Peace be still through dreams and triumph

Through all of life, peace be still.

Loving you from here,

Dr. Jenine Marie Howry