Do You Hold Back Your Truth Just to Keep Peace? Here is What You Need to Know

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Let me encourage you to be completely honest with yourself. First, I need to ask you this question. Do you avoid bringing up subjects you are concerned about in relationships to try to maintain peace? If your answer is yes, let’s stop and consider this question for a moment. Close your eyes and think about a time when you held back your emotions, comments, expressions, or your truth.

Now that you have a good example place one hand on your stomach and one on your heart. Keep that moment when you are held back in your mind as you breathe. What does holding back the issues you had on your mind cause you to feel inside? Can you feel the impact of the emotion or the disturbed feelings within yourself?

Holding back your ideas, comments, emotions, honesty, and truth can deeply harm your mind and body. Consider these questions. What are you afraid of, and what will happen if you express to someone what you honestly are thinking? Will your open expression cause a rift in your relationship or make someone angry at you? Do you imagine you will end up in tears or harming your own body as you absorb the impact of someone else’s responses?

As you answer the questions I have posed above, consider the control issues in your life. Are you are allowing inner torment to keep perceived peace? Energetically not speaking your truth will cause an imbalance in your throat, heart area, center, and even at the base of your spine. As an energy healer, I can tell you, holding back your true thoughts and emotions from someone whose response has conditioned you to do so will imbalance you in ways that can eventually cause damaging physical problems.

You were born with tenacity and courage. You have the power of an infinite spirit that resides within you. Everything that is encountered in your life can be handled efficiently and confidently when you connect with your Creator’s power inside of you. Nothing stops you! Knowing God is within you, and divine support also enfolds you on the outside can release you from tormenting issues you need to express but can’t find the courage in your human self.

Consider all of the things I have just presented to you and meditate for a few moments on what you can do to solve your holding patterns. Not everyone will be a safe harbor for you, but you can be that for yourself as you allow God to help you rise and be someone who walks in balance and truth!

Let’s rise!

“Infinite Spirit of God, release me into the hands of true courage. I am all I was created to be. I am the express image of my true Creator and comforter. Be my comforter and my compassion as I release my emotions, honesty, and truth, toward those who have offended me, held me back, oppressed me, or kept me from being my true self.”

Release yourself today and every day! YOU are a unique being who walks in high places with the One who will never let you down!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, Ph. D.

Christian Energy Healing: Emotional Energy Release

IMG_20171023_130408Energy is What Moves All Things. It’s Motion

Energy is a part of God’s created universe and is a part of every living thing. The Bible tells us that there was nothing created that Jesus did not create from the beginning. Energy describes motion of what God has created.  Thousands of years ago people discovered the healing properties of moving energy in the human body. This process also can facilitate emotional release and therefore emotional healing. Our bodies were created to work as one unit; body, mind, spirit/soul. One part of us out of balance can create problems in other parts of us and keep us out of balance. A body that achieves more balance is a healthier, happier, body and therefore person.

Much to the error in belief of many in the Christian faith, energy healing is not of the occult, nor is it demonic. It is only that, if it is used in that manor. In fact, there is no religion or belief system that is attached to energy healing accept that energy exists and God created it as it is. If God is a part of everything He created, then He is apart of energy or movement, and therefore how energy can facilitate emotional healing. Christ is involved in any process if we involve Him. The devil certainly does not want people to be healed, made whole, or glorifying God for what He created to be faithful and true.

Energetic emotional release is a process that helps stored effects of emotional imbalance to be released from certain areas of the body from past or present experiences. Holistic chiropractors have done this work for a long time. They work with meridian points in the body to release stored stress that cause the body to be in a state of unease. This causes disease.

Much to many beliefs, energy healing and energetic emotional release is not against Christian principles or against God. There is nothing in the Bible that says, “Do not activate or move energy.” Only when we leave God out of the equation and focus on the energy release itself as a healer is it then idolatry. I’ve given this topic a great deal of prayer and consideration before putting it “out there”. If energy healing helps release stored emotions that cause disease then the benefits are worth the practice. If God is brought into the equation then He is glorified in the process!

Jesus healed in many ways and the way He healed is primarily a mystery. He laid on hands, had healing virtue flow out of His body, and commanded demons to depart. His ways were hardly standard for His time. Even the Pharisees accused Him of using demonic powers to cast out demons, which is absurd. Why on earth would the devil want anyone set free or healed?

The ground breaking pioneer of Christian energy healing Sarah J Thiessen affirmed the practice in her book “Splankna”, which is an energy healing technique she developed from her research. The type of energy healing and release techniques that I personally use are not quite the same, but regardless of how energy healing is provided, the main thing is that Christ is a part of the process and that it works!

While it is true that New Age believers practice this type of healing it does not mean the practice is New Age. In fact, it has no religious affiliation at all. I have been trained in two different types of energy healing and have developed energetic emotional release from the techniques I have studied. Christ is a part of the process in that He is invited through Holy Spirit to be present during the entire session. The release and praise is the gratification and all the support we need to understand how helpful this can be. To God be all the glory for what He provides for us in every way, because He loves and cares for us deeply!

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry


**Although similar, the emotional energy release technique I speak of is not the same as Splankna which is practiced through the Splankna Therapy Institute. All information above was learned myself as I went through various forms of energy release techniques and teachings.