Are YOU an Empath? This is What it is Like

I want to start off by saying this is very daring for me. It’s like an empath coming out party! So many of us have heightened senses and yet are told there is something WRONG with us instead of seeing what is completely RIGHT with us! Learning to sail our ship through life as anContinue reading “Are YOU an Empath? This is What it is Like”

Skin Color, Body Type, and a Whole Lot of Mixed Up Prejudices

When I was growing up, the big thing during the summer was to get a tan. The commercials started rolling in toward the end of spring to get that “Coppertone” tan. Many of us felt we had to buy that product and sit and bake in the sun. After many years I can see howContinue reading “Skin Color, Body Type, and a Whole Lot of Mixed Up Prejudices”

Acceptance vs. Judgement

I remember sitting in a restaurant one afternoon and happened to overhear a conversation going on at the next table. One woman was telling another, “I really don’t care what people think of me, or if they even like me”. She definitely had a tone that carried an attitude with the statement. I smiled toContinue reading “Acceptance vs. Judgement”

Accept and Empower “The Divorced”

This morning I was sipping on my usual cup of coffee just beginning my day as consciously as I can, when I stumbled upon an article, “What the Divorced Christian Wants You to Know”. As I read the article an old familiar road block started to take over my insides as I reflected with anContinue reading “Accept and Empower “The Divorced””