The Gifts of Time and Appreciation

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Coming out of a local store, I recognized a woman who was a part of my church. I had not been her Pastor for very long but I knew her from years gone by.  She had a look of desperation on her face and obviously needed some help. I spent part of the afternoon with her, helping her with some very urgent issues. Its always a labor of love to help someone who is struggling. I believe it truly sets up blessing in our lives.

When we were done I was amazed that so much time had gone by. It seemed like moments and yet it was hours. After our time together was over that day I took a look at her again. Her whole face had changed from desperation to relaxation. It’s like she could breathe again. Sometimes resuscitation is not mouth to mouth but heart to heart. As I walked her to her car she turned around to look a me as she opened the door. With tears in her eyes she said, “My life is better because you are in it.” I could hardly contain what feeling her comments gave to me that day.

Appreciation is a true gift to the heart. For some reason I want to call it a healer because I believe it is. Whatever might have been on my mind that day before she became a part of how it unfolded had just drifted away into another place. My heart became consumed with how much she appreciated me as a person and her Pastor. It was only some of my time and maybe a little help as well. Yet, for her it was everything. Her gratitude and appreciation was like an unexpected blessing and miracle to me.

We all go through things in life. We all have bad days and good ones. The ones that mean the most are the ones where someone somewhere says their life is better because we are in it. It is the gift of purpose and appreciation. God tells us that we perish when we lose our dreams and visions for our lives. We have to have them because they give us hope. She returned the blessing I offered her that day with feeling of purpose. There is something about knowing we are needed and appreciated that makes life a little more worthwhile. Even in our darkest nights of the soul, appreciation is a gift that brings hope like a lantern shining brightly through the dark places.

Don’t forget to tell someone your life is better because they are in it today. You will bless and heal them beyond what you even think.

Loving you from here,

Dr Jenine Marie Howry, PhD


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