Be a Tears Wiper Blade

Wipe the tears of one woman at a time.
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Everyone has tearful moments. Sometimes those moments last much longer than many of us like them to last. They are what they are; release of internal pain. Tears are like nature’s emotional pressure valve and the best way to keep emotionally free.

There are times when tears last more than a moment. These are seasons in life when someone’s emotional release valve has more than it should have to bear. Every now and then our valve release system gets clogged or even over-taxed.

Although we don’t want to interrupt someone’s release of painful experiences we do need to be one who chooses compassion over neglect. If we can train ourselves to be tear wiper blades we can be that compassionate cushion someone needs to get through some of the more pressured releases that can ultimately be harmful to their health and wholeness.

Yes, we need to learn to become tearful wiper blades for those who need us. Take a look around and find the one who is closest to you and dedicate yourself to wiping their tears. We can strengthen each other and help one another rise one woman at a time, one person at a time.

Choose to be a healer and a beacon of hope to those who have no one willing to be that wiper blade during times of tearful trouble. Give to those who need your time, your energy, and your compassionate healing.

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry

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What Wise Women Know

Wisdom is like a right to passage for women. It’s the moment when we realize all of the stored valuable lessons we have learned over the years have more value than we can place upon them. In a biblical sense, wisdom is described in the feminine persona; “Wisdom is a woman”. The book of Proverbs in the bible teaches us that wisdom, as the divine feminine, was with God from the beginning. Wisdom is eternal and of great value. May “she” forever reign!

Some practical wisdom that wise women know:

If someone is not for us they are against us. There are no two ways about it. A person who is not totally in support of us, they are against us and should be let go, or they will fall away on their own. Someone not for us can not be trusted. Trust in its most true form is earned and not taken for granted.

If two people can not agree they can not move in the same direction. The notion that opposites attract can not be applied to the direction of life people have chosen. If two people are not in agreement on the major issues in life then they can not walk together. They would continually be at odds with one another and neither will prosper.

If love is not returned it is not a relationship. Love, although unconditional in essence, is a gift to be given to one another. It can exist on its own merit but in a relationship where two are bound together or in friendship, family, business partners, etc, love is not a one-way street. If only one is putting in the effort they will become drained or disinterested. The relationship is out of balance and will dissolve. This is also true with children and adult children. Although unconditional love can be present, it takes all parties to have a relationship. Otherwise, there is none. It is all or nothing. In a one-sided connection between people, we are under NO obligation to give anything.

If there is a lack of communication there is no relationship. Communication and the spirit of sharing are what creates a bond of trust, love, and faithfulness. Being vulnerable enough to share our deepest thoughts and our hearts is a way of saying, “I want to know you and love you enough to continue to find out more.” To get to know someone and give them your time is the greatest gift of a relationship one can give another. If this is not present, there is no relationship.

True honestly reveals itself with no hesitation. If there is a place of no honesty between two people, then there is a breach of trust. Trust is earned through honesty even when it is hard. Revealing one’s self is the greatest gift one can give on behalf of God and the Spirit. The Spirit that is God is the Spirit of Truth. Truth means honestly. In God’s presence, a person can not be of their higher self without honesty.

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry

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