Characteristics of Love: Love Does Not Boast and is Not Proud

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I lumped boasting and pride together because I think they like to hang out together. Have you ever been at a gathering and overheard someone talking about their latest accomplishment or success? This is different than sharing great news. Boasting and being prideful has an inner working of the heart that states someone believes they are better than others. None of us really have to be too discerning to know when another is doing this. It comes from desiring either attention or praise.

Boasting can be very subtle sometimes. When we give to others, make an impression and then go around and tell everyone, it’s not very flattering. Boasting is just plain self centered. For instance, when someone boasts of their good works afterward it reveals a heart that only wanted some form of credit and definately is in need of inner healing. This is not the intention in which any of us should be giving.

Pridefulness is right up there. In fact, boasting mostly comes from pride. Our goodness should be naturally seen and not purposefully exposed to be seen. Pride can get pretty ugly. Have you ever tried to have a discussion with a pride filled person, or even spend time with them? It is alright to be proud of our accomplishments and even display them! This is not the same. Remember, it is the intention of the heart that is the focus. True boasting or pridefulness comes from either attention getting or feeling one is better than others in some way. Pride oversteps boundaries and has a sense of entitlement. Someone who is filled with pride believes they are entitled to better things than others. Sometimes those who have a sense of entitlement believe they even deserve more. It’s ugly all the way around and not true love.

Boasting and pridefulness will judge others as smaller or more insignificant. Sometimes a person with these issues will believe they are smarter, more wise, or even more gifted. Pride and giftedness do not mix at all! A gift comes out of the fountain of humility and never pride.

Real love, Godly love, is not like either of these. Love gives out of kindness and compassion. Love is happy within itself for accomplishments and has no need to be displayed for attention; which would be a sign of the need of inner healing. There is no pride of life in Godly love. God- love is humble, admirable, and can be sensed as so good!

When someone who has accomplished much but has God- love they glow from the inside out for all that has been done or achieved. God- love does not lord itself over others or think higher of itself. God- love extends a higher seat to those around; wishes, hopes, and prays for those whom it comes in contact. God-love displays the light of God, a heart of Oneness, and a spirit of Unity. It comes from that inner temple where God resides and not the human ego self. When true God-love is present between two people in relationship it gives to the other with such joy without looking for something in return. It is a humility and holy presence that is a gift that goes into eternity.

(Remember nothing is in perfection. We are in a learning process. So as you read, let things soak in, and discern, remember to learn and not judge yourself or others)

Loving you from here,

Dr Jenine Marie Howry

6 Reasons Why Humility Is Powerful

taolife-c_s_-lewis-humility-is-not-thinking-less-of-yourself-but-thinking-of-yourself-less_For some reason when we hear that a person is humble it almost drums up the negative view that they are weak. Not true! People who have learned how to walk in humility are some of the most powerful people there are! A prideful person might look powerful but it is really an illusion. (False Pride and being prideful is not the same as having pride in what is well done ). There is a huge difference between prideful and confident. A confident person is a humble one as well. Some of the ways that humility is powerful are these:

  1. Humility takes away false pride. It is absolutely impossible to be prideful and humble at the same time. A prideful spirit exalts itself. Humility embraces other things outside ourselves.
  2. We are in a place of more acceptance. We talked about how acceptance is a basic human need. Humility opens us up to more outside acceptance and more acceptance from God. God can not work with a prideful person but He can empower a humble one!
  3. Humility causes us to see things we normally would not see. While pride focuses on itself, humility opens us to see new things as they blossom. Do we really want to miss the blessings we could be receiving?
  4. The human heart loves to give even when we do not realize this. We are always happier when giving toward someone else and their life. Humility creates in us a cheerful giver.
  5. People who walk in more humility learn more things and become more wise in decisions. Ever try to teach a prideful person something that might help them? Its impossible! Humility opens us up to learning new empowering ways.
  6. Humility brings more success in life. Exchanging ideas and learning new things is what makes this world spin for us! A prideful person will never receive the benefit of becoming as successful as God desires our lives to be. Humility breeds success because instead of closing us off, it opens us up!

There are many more ways that humility can be powerful. One is that humility “listens” instead of closes off other opinions. Some of our greatest beauty as people is our diversity. Learning from other cultures, ideas, and opinions, is what makes this world worth living in. We are meant to grow to understand, and to understand in more depth. Our acceptance of one another does not mean we accept all ideas and opinions. It means that we powerfully embrace the hearts of others even if we can not embrace some things about them. Isn’t that what God wants for us?


Love Always,

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry