The Empath and the Overflow

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Being an empath is a very delicate balance in life. It’s more than having empathy for others, its about actually feeling what they are feeling. We can’t help it. It just is something that is a part of our DNA. How it happens, I really don’t completely know. I just know it is a gift, but a hard one to keep balanced.

Empaths are highly sensitive people. It’s not a bad thing, it’s a good thing! It makes us sensitive to spiritual things, to the hurt others go through, and to the condition of the world. Personally, we are sensitive to just about everything. This can be medications, caffeine, weather changes, even things that “go bump in the night”. We are healers, explorers of truth, and those who teach and heal because we love it. It is our life’s breath. That is the good part of being an empath. This world needs us!

The hard part is we are also overstimulated by those who are overstimulating. We can even become tired and even adrenally fatigued if we are not careful. We are bombarded with an overflow of information in every single given day. Sometimes the only answer is to shut down and be alone for awhile. This does not mean forever, just for a time. We need a “time out”, from the overflow of continual communications, world events, noisy chatter and problems that often become more overwhelming than they need to be.

An empath’s compassion makes us a valuable asset but we can become exhausted from too much shot out at us at once. So, we need boundaries. When I take clients it’s great because our sessions are limited to one hour at a time. That’s a pretty good limit for just about anyone. Afterward there is a regeneration time. We can only give out of the overflow of what we have, or we are diminished to give anything. In order to have any overflow, we need rest, recovery, alone time, quiet, meditation, and spiritual time. It is a must have. If you have an empath in your life, understand this. If you are an empath, help others to understand this. It is actually important for survival.

Loving you from here,

Dr Jenine Marie Howry

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