How You Can Activate the Power of Gratitude Into Your Life

Gratitude is one of your ultimate power players in life. Having gratitude draws grace upon your situations, issues, and circumstances. When the Universe grabs onto your gratitude it sends back more for you to be grateful for! Would you love a nice river of graceful gratitude in your life? I know I would! When I meditated on gratitude this morning I came up with some ways to be grateful every single day. Bring blessings into your life with the powerful act of gratitude every moment you can!

Ways you can draw more to be grateful for!

  1. Choose one person in your life, or who has affected your life, daily. Dedicate the whole day from morning through the night just to be grateful for that person. By the end of the day your heart will be filled with love and good experiences that person brought into your life. The memories alone will bless you!
  2. Begin each morning with gratitude for what sustains and provides for you. Your surroundings and the places you inhabit are a blessing. Bless your home, your room, your office spaces, and your provision. This will draw more for you to be grateful for because the Universe will never return anything to you void. It must reciprocate what you think, desire, feel, imagine, and love.
  3. Be grateful for your health and more good health will come to you. You can dedicate one place of your body or your whole body. Energy using the blessing of gratitude will always bless your heart to live a nice long and blessed life. Bless those who brought you into this world by being grateful for their act of love and creation.
  4. Hold gratitude for creativity in your life. A creative mind is a genius at work. We ALL have it! No exception! Allow the best of creative forces to ignite a passion in you and even support you!
  5. Remember to be specific and specific blessings will come back to you! You are a work of art. Don’t allow anyone to cause you to feel different.

I love you to heaven and back, and very grateful for YOU!

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry

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