Hard to Press: What Feels Right?

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It’s so frustrating to attempt ironing a garment that refuses to unwrinkle. Usually items that are 100% cotton or even linen are the most difficult. They can be taken to someone to be professionally laundered and still they wrinkle so easy when worn. Usually we try to spray starch the heck out of them just to keep them smooth. Then we have a stiff garment that feels uncomfortable to wear. I stay away from wearing anything that causes me to feel uneasy or stiff. I always talk about living a life in ease. Well, we certainly can’t do that while wearing something stiff, right?

I find it to be the same with life choices. When something becomes so uneasy or is hard to press, the wrinkles just don’t come out no matter what we do. We can try to iron things out but the bottom line is wearing the choice is way too stiff. We can iron the seams, starch life stiff by upping our behavior, or take things to be professionally laundered by calling in the “experts” to smooth things over. Unfortunately, this situation works the same way with our life choices as it does our clothing choices. I’m not saying everything has to be comfortable all of the time. There is no growth in pressing through hard situations. I am saying that some situations will refuse to smooth out no matter what we do. Time to change fabric!

It’s pretty simple. When something is not feeling right, make attempts to change it, or consider leaving it behind you. There is no expert on yourself who is better than YOU. No one can tell you what is right for you, what fits you best, or how to behave to make it better. I am all for ironing out our differences but some wrinkles refuse to iron. We can choose to wear them and be uncomfortable or change fabric. Some things wear better with more acceptance, understanding, and learning how to deal with issues as an ambassador. Some things never wear better and its best to change garments all together.

Whatever your consideration might be, you know yourself better than anyone else does. No one has to teach you what to accept, what feels right, or what feels too uncomfortable to continue to wear. Wearing what no longer feels right just causes wear on our lives. Some things just don’t iron out no matter what we do and therefore we move on to newer and greater things that fit better. Sometimes it just means we have outgrown the garment.

Loving you from here,

Dr Jenine Marie Howry


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