Soul Scars and How to Deal With Them

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Our bodies are amazing creations. God sure knew what He was doing when He created us! We are so equipped to handle the most difficult situations. When our physical bodies are wounded, everything in our bodies will go to the rescue like a knight in shining armor. Blood and cells rush to the scene of any wound and will clot the area to keep us from bleeding out. Later a scar forms over the wound. The greater the wound the deeper and thicker the scar.

Our soul goes through the same type of situation when we are hurt or emotionally wounded. Only we are the ones who go to the rescue and cover the wound with our smiles, coverings, and dealing with every day life. Unfortunately we leave the wound and scar inside of us. This effects us every day of our lives. Our emotional wounds will even affect our energy centers, physical capabilities, physical health, and block us spiritually. Do you see how important it is to deal with our wounds? Time to get real and truthful with ourselves so we can heal. This way we stop the lack in our lives from the wound and we stop spilling out over others because of it.

Inner wounds also keep us from growing up inside. It does not matter what age we are, we act immature when the scars are there and not dealt with. The Light of God can illuminate our wounds through revelation when we seek to find out what they are and ask how we can deal with them. Only exposure can open up the scar, release the wound and allow us to heal, grow, and move on to more productive lives. Here is a video explaining some of the process. There are many ways we can deal with soul scars but going to God is a great start in the process! Enjoy and be well!

If you need someone, please don’t hesitate to ask for either a session with me or you can ask for ministry. Call 832-484-8306. I would be happy to help you deal with those inner wounds that hold you back from living your best life ever!

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Dr Rev Jenine Marie Howry, PhD

Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries LLC

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“A well healed life is a life well lived” Dr Jenine Marie

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