Love Has High Frequency for Manifesting

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When we consider love in an earthly sense, we think of romance. Our minds drift to slow dances, long kisses, dating, and marriage. These are wonderful and meant to be! Yet, love also has a frequency and can be considered the frequency of the miraculous! According to The Om Shoppe, love has a frequency of about 528Hz. Our universe buzzes on vibratory frequencies. When we amp the love frequency, we create magical miracles!

If you want to become aware of your love frequency, pay close attention to your heart center. When feeling love, it will have a sense of expansion. You might breathe a little faster, feel your heart in your chest, and it gives a sense of being filled with ecstasy. This is the moment of creation. It is desire, passion, and pulses of miraculous creative energy. Meditate on your heart center for a time and consider someone or something you love and desire. Your creative abilities become amped up higher to send or produce from the miraculous love energy you emit into the universe.

The universe receives this message as your thoughts project and sends love along with your desires. With faster than lightning speed, the universe responds to your love desires. The energy creates an energetic imprint that will send you the same love desire you have sent out. It does not read your emotions; it reads the energy of desire and passion accompanied by your thoughts. Your thoughts create when your vibrations become equal with the love energy you manifest from within you.

Manifestation always starts with love and love’s frequency. When two people create the same love frequency, they become one within manifestation and send the same thoughts forward into the universe. This action draws the object or subject of what is desired faster than when one chooses to manifest. Bringing God presence into manifestation is bringing the highest frequency of all; God-love frequency! Now that is powerful! Consider all that God created and manifested out of great love! Don’t forget God, who is pure love!

If you don’t believe it is true, give it a try yourself! See the beauty and miracle of manifesting for your own life! Consider high-frequency desires. Low-frequency examples are lust, greed, envy, jealousy, spite, etc. Higher frequencies are love, desire, passion, charity, giving, etc. Give manifesting an energetic practice daily, and it is incredible what you can bring into your life and the lives of others! Keep a vision within your mind of what you are manifesting and be very clear as to why you are. You will hit the target every single time!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie

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