No One Will Completely Understand Your Personal Experiences

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Along life’s highway, we all go through ups and downs. Sometimes the downs are very hard; harder than most. There is never a time when others will completely understand our life experiences. We can’t expect them to, although sometimes they more than expect us to compensate for their lack of understanding. Often we just can’t do that. Some things are just too fragile and sensitive to even come close to explaining to those who refuse to understand.

This is a hard reality, but it is a very freeing thought: We are not here to make sure everyone else is comfortable while we are not. Yes, love allows us to give and care, but when our own glass is just about empty it is time to stop and get the refill we need. Life can be draining. Our lessons are personal no matter how close we might be to others. We can give nothing if nothing is left.

The body begins to break down when the soul is too scarred and the cup is too drained. It is up to our own discretion as to when it is appropriate to mix back into life after difficult situations we endure. Sometimes our life depends upon standing our ground when it comes to refilling time.

Believe me, not everyone will understand our need to isolate, refill, rest, recover, and reboot. That’s ok! They don’t need to understand. It is up to our own wisdom and intuition to know when we should be strong for ourselves for a while instead of being strong for others. Draining ourselves is not a “God” thing to do, it is often a dangerous thing to do when our health begins to show the ravages of bending to what others need and neglecting our own needs.

Take care of yourselves!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry

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