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This week as I meditate upon the rising of Jesus from His tomb, I think about the words He uttered while nailed to the cross; “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.” I wonder if I could be as understanding if I were in Jesus’ position at that moment. Living in a human body with emotional soul scars and a life that caused them can be hard. It can be hard to completely forgive, and sometimes it takes a process and it can take some time. Yet, I also believe if we continue to meditate and speak words of forgiveness, it will come to my heart and yours. I use this method over and over again. It might not mean a relationship is mended, but the relationship with our “self” on the inside is mended. We create breaches between us because of wounds. Love conquers those wounds. Forgiveness is a part of love, whether we like to consider that or not. It takes the love of self and love for humanity to create a joyful compassionate feeling for someone who has deeply hurt us.

I chose the graphic above that says, “I hate nothing about you” because that is the message I desire to bring forward today, throughout the holy week, and always. Competitiveness, jealousy, envy, and the hardness of the heart all come from hatred, the opposite of love. With the deep realization that we can not possibly be in the lives of those who never work on their wounds and lash out at us, I still know it is so important to bring the loving essence of healing and forgiveness into our lives and into the consciousness of humanity. When we work on aligning ourselves with love and all of the aspects of love, we find peace in our hearts and lift humanity to higher levels of the kind of light Jesus wanted to reveal while on this earth.

This holy week, I challenge you to love yourself better, forgive yourself, work on healing, forgive others, and send out love to the world! I remember in the movie “Out on a Limb” when Shirley McClain asked her guide what she should do now; he replied, “Go and love the world”! He meant to lift up love in this world. I believe when Jesus was lifted from the tomb, love was lifted into human consciousness. The consciousness of the Christed One was released into humanity! We can do this now; no crucifixion is needed! We can lift up love every single day without judgment, with full forgiveness, and heal our hearts and the hearts of others!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry

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Have a beautiful Easter week!

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