Arise to Healing

This week as I meditate upon the rising of Jesus from His tomb, I think about the words He uttered while nailed to the cross; “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.” I wonder if I could be as understanding if I were in Jesus’ position at that moment. Living in aContinue reading “Arise to Healing”

Do You Cover in Love?

There is a particular nature or way of being that comes from the spirit of God. I dare to call them characteristics. Sometimes I think we forget we are God’s expression on this earth and our manors are not precisely what they can be. Of course, every person has a choice as to what characterContinue reading “Do You Cover in Love?”

Characteristics of Love: Love Keeps No Record of Wrongs (Forgives) and MORE!

I’m almost at the end of my series on love as it is described in the bible. I think this one is harder for most people than the rest, but it sure is not hard for God. Love keeps no record of wrongs. This means true God-love forgives, but more than that. It also meansContinue reading “Characteristics of Love: Love Keeps No Record of Wrongs (Forgives) and MORE!”

When We Love Others It Should Open Their Hearts Not Close Them

Not long ago I had a deep prayerful conversation with someone who has deeply touched my life. I think this person by far has been the strongest and yet most humbled I have known. We talked about who deserves Christ, the love of God, and how the Body of Christ is supposed to be “asContinue reading “When We Love Others It Should Open Their Hearts Not Close Them”

Freedom from Guilt and Shame

It’s a miracle that we get through this life as an intact person when we are attacked almost daily with the haunting of the things which have occurred in our lives. It’s not just about the things which have happened TO us, or things we have done to others, but even more about the wayContinue reading “Freedom from Guilt and Shame”

Throw Out the Trash! (This Has a Surprise)!

I never knew how much junk a person could accumulate until I was faced with the task of moving it. I mean, how can one person collect so much stuff in such a little time? One time I sat down and counted how many times I had moved in my whole life, and I thinkContinue reading “Throw Out the Trash! (This Has a Surprise)!”