Do You Cover in Love?

There is a particular nature or way of being that comes from the spirit of God. I dare to call them characteristics. Sometimes I think we forget we are God’s expression on this earth and our manors are not precisely what they can be. Of course, every person has a choice as to what characterContinue reading “Do You Cover in Love?”

Concealed Weapons

When something is concealed, it is hidden from human exposure. Concealing occurs to keep others from knowing something, either for our protection or for someone else’s destruction. Weapons are not always material. Sometimes they are hidden truths about ourselves we don’t want to expose. Often for our perceived protection, these also can bring just asContinue reading “Concealed Weapons”

“Mom, He’s Looking At Me!”

Being a mom is so fun! I remember when my kids used to sit around the breakfast table eating and suddenly one of the girls would get upset because one of the boys was looking at her. (I had five kids, two boys and three girls.) Oh how I can just roll my eyes thinkingContinue reading ““Mom, He’s Looking At Me!””