Do You Cover in Love?

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There is a particular nature or way of being that comes from the spirit of God. I dare to call them characteristics. Sometimes I think we forget we are God’s expression on this earth and our manors are not precisely what they can be. Of course, every person has a choice as to what character they want their conversation to follow. We can follow God’s characteristics or be unempowered and follow the human ego part that creates chaos instead of contentment.

One thing about God’s nature is the idea of covering. God covers. In the story of Adam and Eve, when they were naked in the garden due to their own choices, God created a covering for them. God created clothing that gave them the better things in life despite their intentions. The best they could do in their ego-self was to find fig leaves. God gave them clothing of animal skins that protected and covered. In the story, God’s act shows a character that covers, has warmth and guards with love.

Adam and Eve need not be exposed for their transgression. They already felt repentant enough, yet God took their guilt and shame along with the half-hearted way to cover their “sins” and replaced it with what is better and more protective. God’s forgiving character and the loving manner is one we should display daily. Covering someone instead of exposing them to coldness comes from real love. Exposing loved ones to others’ bitterness by our tongues only brings shame and guilt upon oneself. Remember, we reap what we sow. If we cover instead of exposing and if we truly love instead of operating from ego, our lives will be blessed with the goodness that God promised in the garden of Eden.

I suppose we all have to ask ourselves what we truly deserve. Is it reaping hot coals upon our heads or shivering in the cold, or do we deserve to be covered with the warmth of forgiveness, protection, and light?

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, PhD

Concealed Weapons

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When something is concealed, it is hidden from human exposure. Concealing occurs to keep others from knowing something, either for our protection or for someone else’s destruction. Weapons are not always material. Sometimes they are hidden truths about ourselves we don’t want to expose. Often for our perceived protection, these also can bring just as much destruction once they are revealed.

When a person conceals things from others around them, they are not hiding anything. Every single item is exposed eventually. The fallout is hard, depending upon how long it was concealed. I know how much this hurts others. I’ve had things hidden from me. When they were discovered, the pain of the revelation was so much worse than the original issue.

Deeds concealed, justified by our inner thinking, can be worse than a real weapon because the fallout will kill the inner being of another person. When a wrong deed is done to someone, it hurts. When it is concealed and exposed, it kills. Let me explain. We all have soul scars and boundaries. Soul scars are not so great. They are covered over wounds that are also concealed, but often even to ourselves. When a concealed deed hits the soul scar of another person, the result is the opening of the wound. This makes the exposed act worse than a real shot in the stomach. It bleeds out all of the inner injuries from before and multiplies the effect of what was revealed.

Humans can’t stand exposure. It reveals something terrible about their character. Even worse, they blame the very person they hurt because they often don’t want to take responsibility. This is a “garden of Eden” situation. Adam and Eve concealed the weapon they disobeyed God. Once revealed, the painful part of the exposure was so much worse than if they had just been honest about it. They suffered the consequences for many generations over and over.

Yet, God covered them. This does not mean God made it alright to conceal things. They suffered greatly. They were forgiven, but the fallout from their concealed weapon was more than they bargained for. Adam had to toil and work hard for a living that God had previously gifted to him. Eve had to have painful childbirth women still experience today. Childbirth is a joyful experience, but like everything else that is birthing, it comes with pain and sorrow.

This is the fallout of the concealed weapon. Information is discovered about it, and the bullet causes pain for years to follow. What is even worse, we often don’t take responsibility for our own things we purposefully hide. We tend to justify as to why it is right. Believe me; it is never right. Concealed weapons will even bite its owner. Remember the snake in the garden of Eden story? The snake struck the heel of humans. It’s a snake bite that can hurt for a long time. The good news is the snake was also stomped upon. Although the pain of the bite was present, the victory is in the truth.

Symbolically Adams’ crushing of the snakes head stands for victory when truth wins out. This only comes from the love of God when covering happens. Don’t mistake covering for concealing. Every deed is exposed in the light of God. Covering occurs when, after exposure, repentance and forgiveness occurs. God will never help us hide our weapons. God’s desire is for us to walk uprightly and free. We can not be open when we conceal our guns. If we think so, we are kidding ourselves. The only way to freedom is through exposure.

First we have to face our own inner concealed weapons. Then expose them through speaking the truth about them. Repent, be sorry for hiding things from others that we know would hurt them if they knew. Then take the discipline and the lesson that comes from concealing and hiding something. It might be hard to take, but its better than God exposing it for us later. Sometimes we are unwilling to face our own demons, so to speak. It’s much better than God’s light shining upon them for everyone to see. Don’t allow concealed weapons to kill others and yourself. Take the fallout now and confess your gun. It is so much easier now than allowing God to pull it out and shine a light upon it.

I remember this in a previous relationship. God exposed infidelity. The wound for me was crushing, but the exposure for the other was so much worse than anything I might have felt. It was exposed openly for everyone to see. Do you want this for yourself or others? Maybe its time to pull out our weapons and lay them down at the feet of the One who knows it all anyway. Even more, expose it before it gets told for you. This is done out of love. It might not seem like it, but it is. God never wants His creation to have to carry such a heavy responsibility. It takes a lot of heavy lifting to keep those weapons concealed. One will build upon another. Confess it all, and deal with what you need to deal with. In the long run, your life will be so much lighter!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, PhD

“Mom, He’s Looking At Me!”

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Being a mom is so fun! I remember when my kids used to sit around the breakfast table eating and suddenly one of the girls would get upset because one of the boys was looking at her. (I had five kids, two boys and three girls.) Oh how I can just roll my eyes thinking of those mornings when one of the girls would blurt out, “Mom, he’s looking at me again!” My answer: “So what. Eat your breakfast.”

This is how I feel about social media, especially Facebook. It’s called “Face-book” right? Now we have many more, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. All are geared toward others finding us, interacting with them, and getting to know them. We all have the ability to block those we don’t desire to communicate with. I guess we call it a personal space safety net, and one that I also do appreciate. We all need our personal space in person and online.

What really gives me a giggle is when someone puts up their profile on social media but then will only allow the public to see certain things about them (just so some can know they are doing well) but block them from seeing it all. It’s kind of ridiculous really. Or if someone finds out that we have “seen” their profile or have looked at it. Why do people get so upset about this? Again, its social media. Getting upset because someone has looked at our profile is like going to a party and hiding in the closet. People can know we are there and that we look great but they can’t see everything. God forbid that we interact! I want to laugh here because I find it so stupid. Oh, I’ve ranted about this before. Of course we do have those unsavory stalkers that pop up but that is what blocking is for. It’s also what saying no to a party is for as well.

We do have a choice. The funny thing is making the choice to be seen but getting upset when we are. Anyone with me here? It confuses me like the reality that anyone can send mail to our home mailbox but the same person sending email to us can be a no no. Yes, email can be flooded with a lot of unwelcome things but those things are just as tangible as real mail is.

When I put up my profiles on social media it’s because I want people to find my writing, my posts, and sometimes me. If someone bothers me I block them and they can’t see any of it. They still can read my blog writing or see my website. It’s alright with me! LOOK! It’s what its there for.

Personal boundaries aside, we all should recognize we are meant to be a united humanity. We struggle with getting along though. So, we have need of personal space and sometimes have to do some blocking.  Yet, when we are in public we are seen just as much as our social profile, if not more. When someone sees me in person they see it all just as it is. No hiding the 5 pounds I put on lately or if I am having the best day that day. Sometimes we cry, we are angry, we are in bad situations, and we are lost. There are days that are the opposite. Exposing them does not make us weak, it makes us strong and real; someone others can relate to.

I often wonder when we will ever be family or if we always will be upset because “someone is looking at us”. I wonder if God, our passed over loved ones, or if the angels roll their eyes and say, “So what. Eat your breakfast.”

PS. Next time someone unexpected looks at your profile, say cheese, smile, take a photo, post it, and be honored they counted you so important!

Loving you from here, 

Dr Rev Jenine Marie Howry