Avoiding Gossip and Drama

I kid you not, I have spent a lifetime working at avoiding various types of gossip and drama. Either it has been in the workplace, friendships, or extended family issues. This is putting aside genuine caring for one another. What I am speaking of is needless, painful, discord, that only feeds negativity and hurtfulness towardContinue reading “Avoiding Gossip and Drama”

The Drama Addict: (Promised Post)

This is most confusing to me as to how or why anyone would want drama in their lives when it can be avoided. Yet, it is an addiction. Drama addicts love chaos, either self created or borrowed from others. Drama addiction kind of goes along with gossip and it’s horrible to get caught in theContinue reading “The Drama Addict: (Promised Post)”

“Coming To a Theater Near You”: Do You Have Too Much Drama?

When I was in high school I used to come home every day with my friend to find our mothers clinging to the television set. It was time for the latest version of a very popular soap opera. I have to admit that I also got just as hooked on the drama as our mothersContinue reading ““Coming To a Theater Near You”: Do You Have Too Much Drama?”