During this Era of Covid -19

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There are few words I feel I can come up with to describe this era of coronavirus we are going through in our nation and our world. This afternoon I sat and stared out the window in disbelief about how things seemed to escalate so quickly. If I focus on the statistics and the breaking news I hear daily; my heart melts into my stomach. Yet, if I shift my focus on what I am looking at right now, my whole demeanor shifts.

Right out the window, life seems just as it always has been. The trees are blowing in the wind, cars are going by, and I see a squirrel running along the walkway. In this very now moment, life is alright. This moment is the one we live in, or we should. For some of us, our tomorrows can be counted by God on the one hand, and our fingers can represent other decades. No matter what category we are in, this very now moment is precisely the same.

With a deep sigh, I can take in a good long breath and let it out. Everything is just fine, right now. In the past, when things got hard in life, I used to toss and turn all night long, wondering how I was going to work things out. One night, I figured out my moment is the same, regardless of how tomorrow pans out. There is such power living in the moment we call now. I used to think to myself, “Right now, everything is alright,” and then go to sleep.

It is alright. Yes, we plan for the future, but no one can know it all. Just for now, I think I will close my eyes and remember moments that felt just like this. The trees were blowing in the breeze, through my hair, and across my face. The birds were nesting, flying, and seeking out food. These things are always here and forever a comfort.

In this world, we will have labor. In the Bible, they were/are assigned. Men labor to care for their mates and families. Women work to have children and then raise them in faith. Some of those roles have changed over the years as we changed as humans. Right now, I think I will take refuge in the things that never change. They are the love of God, the simplicity of creation, and the promise of better tomorrows.

Loving you from here,

Dr. Jenine Marie Howry, PhD



Here is Your Weekly Wisdom!


Keep your eyes, and mind, on what matters and what is happening now. 

I never felt such a release as the day I was advised that the past no longer even exists accept only in my head. It’s so true! Its a non existent element of our life experience that we hold inside of our brains, and the effect of  emotions we hold in our souls/bodies. Think of this also: The future has not even been created yet. All you really have is NOW. A second a go is already the past and one second from now is already the future! NOW is what is real and what matters the most.

Close your eyes and release the issues that hold you stuck to a non existing past. Yes, it has affected you, and you will have to process what you have held onto. Once you do process it, then let it go for good. Just take the wisdom you gleaned from it and remember it no more. Of course look back at wonderful memories. Those are the things that give you and upload of Oxytocin in the brain that will cause you to feel good.

Don’t worry about what is about to happen. Plan for it, yes, but don’t worry. It’s fruitless to be concerned over something that has not even happened yet. Remember, the best is always yet to be. If you keep that in your mind to a heart level, then every experience will be the very best!

Loving you from here,

Dr Rev Jenine Marie Howry