What It’s Been Like to Feel the Loss of my Daughter (Sorry, this is not as uplifting)

It’s been almost a year now since my Christina left this world. To say “it hurts to have her die” loses something in the translation. Yes, It hurts. I’m choosing to write this today because I am more broken. My real feelings will come out and that is my intention. I know all of theContinue reading “What It’s Been Like to Feel the Loss of my Daughter (Sorry, this is not as uplifting)”

What Will You Resurrect This Year?

Have you ever had a dream that began with so much spark and enthusiasm, only to have it fizzle in the wake of waves that overpowered them? Yep, me too! Sometimes I look back on the “brilliant” ideas that came to me at one time and think to myself, “Oh yeah, I remember that!” IContinue reading “What Will You Resurrect This Year?”

“No More Faking Fine”: Book Suggestion

Hello Everyone! I discovered this book just browsing through Amazon’s book list and I am so glad I have found it! It is written by Esther Fleece with a forward by Louie and Shelly Giglio. The author talks about “ending the pretending” as it is written on the front cover. She was/is a very successfulContinue reading ““No More Faking Fine”: Book Suggestion”