Meet Me at The Beach at Sunset Transformation Video Segments!

Take some time with me to create a holy moment for yourself for transformation into a new dream! We can not move onward to our deepest desires and dreams without making some inner and even outward changes. I have begun to develop this series for YOU to be guided as we take a walk on the beach at sunset.

Let the segments help you with your transformative journey! YOU DESERVE IT!

Part Two of More to Come

This is part 2. Hopefully the photo will come through!

Stick with me!

I am loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie

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What Will You Resurrect This Year?

Have you ever had a dream that began with so much spark and enthusiasm, only to have it fizzle in the wake of waves that overpowered them? Yep, me too! Sometimes I look back on the “brilliant” ideas that came to me at one time and think to myself, “Oh yeah, I remember that!” I discover I still love it and wonder why I had not been paying attention to the intuitive nudge that sparked my creativity.

We were born to dream, and dream BIG; even BIGGER! Maybe today is the day you reinvent the brilliant idea that came to you before. Or maybe it’s the day you decide to conquer that awesome job opportunity or business idea? I can never resist a good travel dream or book deal that suddenly I’ve scored because I followed through on my yearning.

Let’s amp up our follow-through and get that dream revved up again! No time like the present to give yourself the gift of a lifetime! If you have needed a nudge, well here it is! NUDGE! Get it done! Write down your dream and make it real to you. Describe every facet of what it looks like, feels like, and enjoy it with all of your senses! What will life be like once you have that dream activated in your life?

Get that dream on your vision board, in your journal, on sticky notes, and meditate it like crazy! Your passion, your creativity, your birthright, and your inheritance are to be able to create in life. Create what sparks your heart and you will never ever fail to surprise yourself!

Make it REAL! Call me and leave it on my voice mail! Yes, you heard me right! I will send you some good vibes, energy, and prayers, and I might even text you some inspiration. Or just give it a voice! If you are willing to do that you know your dream is THAT important to you! So why not? Don’t be shy, it’s only voice mail! LOL. 832-484-8306. Don’t let fear stop you. Don’t let anything stop you! You were made for such a time as this. Hmmm, where have I heard that line before? Oh yes, the book of Ester in the bible! So, go and conquer!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry

PS, you can also go to my website and enter your dream into the chatbox that is at the bottom left of the page. I promise I will honor your creativity and put my energy with yours! Love you!

What is Important to You?

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We all have things in life that take our time. You know, those everyday things we tend to do just getting through life. My question to you today is “What is important to you?” I mean truly important. Yes, we have to eat, dress, shower, shop, and work. All of those everything things that get us through everyday living are important. I’m asking you to go deep within yourself and meditate on what is truly important to you.

Consider what things make your life worth while, what sparks your heart, and what you want to accomplish in life. What is your life’s purpose? What does that look like? What people are involved in that purpose?

Or maybe there are places you want to explore, find out about, or subjects you always wanted to know about. What people make your life worth waking up in the morning? Sometimes we get so caught up in every day functions we forget there are deeper things in life that make it worth living. Try taking some time to contemplate what those things are for you, write them down and create a vision to incorporate more of them into your life.

Life is way too important to waste one moment of it. Life life YOUR way and in a way that brings it the most meaning. Take the time to re-evaluate your visions and desires ever so often. There is so much to explore and so much to understand about our lives, our world, and our relationships with one another!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry

Ideas to Nudge Your Inspiration!

Glean from these great ideas to get your innovative ideas rolling again!
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We all go through dips, where inspiration and encouragement seem far from us. I decided to bring some good ideas to inspire those who are feeling a bit less motivated right now. Glean from these and create your own! Do not forget to dream. When you do, dream BIGGER!

Meditate to gain access to the seeds of innovation that live inside of you! We all have those God-given seeds of destiny planted within our spiritual DNA. When we seek, we find. Jesus taught us this great lesson! When feeling less inspired, dig deeper within, ask the right questions, and wait for the answers.

Keep focused on your destiny. Copying others will cause you to miss what future is meant for just you! God has a specific plan for your life. When you find those plans, point your determination due north and follow that star to your purpose!

Journal your ideas and read them back to yourself often. Writing will often cause inspiration to flow where you were once clogged. Journaling ideas or doodling them on paper will always help purpose flow. Thoughts are like rivers. They have their own current. Do not follow the river of others. Keep in your own river. Fish for the right things and draw up your nets from the areas that show you the most prosperity.

Record your inspiration in your own voice on your phone, computer, or recorder. Then play it for yourself over and over. Add ideas and create a running recording of all the things that come to you.

Watch for signs in life. God and angels bring us signs and ideas that lead us toward our destinies. We have help! Signs and words also come from other people. Keep attuned to what others say, record, or write what is relevant to you.

Keep fostering inspiration daily. Pray for it, and you will receive it. God created a Universe of desire, inspiration, and innovation.

Find a role model and study how they brought their ideas to fruition! We are all parts of a whole. We learn from others. Do not forget to give others credit where credit is due! They deserve it for all they have taught you!

Remember, you are bigger than you think. You are a vast person with infinite potential. All you truly need to do is believe, receive, and achieve!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, PhD

Don’t Compromise the Dream!

Rev Jenine MarieI want to encourage you today, as someone who is once again climbing back up to where my dream is. I want to inspire you  as someone who has lost the fabric threads of her dream over and over again and yet is still willing to keep on threading.

I know it hurts to lose a dream that you might have spent hours on end building upon, or maybe even decades. I have BEEN there. It is HARD to watch all of our good work being torn down one brick at a time and then feel like we are left just sitting on the rubble.

In 2005 my life got kicked in the ribs when I found myself losing a long term marriage. It was a slow and agonizing process I endured. I went through a process of losing literally everything I worked hard to obtain and build, right at the moment I was beginning to really see the fruit of my labor. Just that one incident called divorce, all of my dreams came down crashing on my head. I remember staring out the window of my office overlooking the city, crying, and asking God why on earth this had to happen. Couldn’t I just be happy for once? This was by far not my first devastation.

It took me a LONG time to even truly want to rebuild again. I said I wanted it, but my heart and soul just were not in it. I cried for it, I yearned for it, and I missed all that surrounded it every single day of my life. My losses just kept on coming. Things left my life one after another until I was left with nothing but rubble. Yet, there is something amazing about hitting the bottom of the barrel. There is NO WHERE ELSE TO FALL! Anything from that point on was gain. In the process, I had to let go of so many things. I had to forgive the hurts caused by others, the misunderstanding of my situation, and the confusion of my position in life. For awhile I had to remind myself of who I really am because I had truly forgotten.

I want to tell you, it takes HARD work to come back up from the bottom. It takes getting past the hurt, the depression, the sadness, the physical illness it has caused, the emotional upheaval, and discouragement. It also takes listening very deeply to the voice of God alone because He knows the pain and He also knows the way out and back up!

I want to encourage you today if you have given up on your dream because it seems way too hurtful and hard to recapture it. You are not alone in what you are feeling and enduring! I want you to shift your understanding right now, if you will. Close your eyes and see yourself once again in the dream you have always had for your life. Experience once again what that feels like, looks like, and where it takes you. There is nothing trivial about what you want out of life. It is all very important! YOUR dream is held in the arms of God and He is waiting to help you climb right back up to where you want to be. He will also inspire you toward more!

In the Bible when people who were called by God felt like they could not do things alone, they called upon Him to send them a support person. This person became a buddy to the dream and was there to watch and help it unfold.

Today, I ask that God send to you a buddy to work along side you and help you recapture the dream you always wanted to achieve. It might seem trivial to you at the moment , but if you are longing for it, then it is NOT trivial! Let God shift your mindset to all things that support you. Step away from those things and people who do not believe in you or your dream. It is not cruel or selfish to accomplish a great desire. After all, the more you succeed the more you can lift others to do the same, right?

Dear God, I will see my dream as IMPORTANT because it is important to You. I will NOT give up, but will stand firm in the things I deeply desire. I will ask for, and accept a support person to bless me with encouragement and to cheer me on along the way. I WILL recover from the losses of yesterday and I WILL obtain my greatest desire. I know YOU desire to give me what my heart longs for. It is sealed now in heaven in Jesus’ name, amen!

Supporting your dream,

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching