Sometimes All I Need is Faith and COFFEE.

Avoid-Caffeinated-BeveragesAnyone who truly knows me knows that I have fought through God knows how many obstacles to obtain my college education. Unlike some, I began my undergraduate work when I was 35 years old. I used to take my kids to school for their breakfast, sit with them through part of it, then take off for my classes. I arranged my time so I would have my classes  finished by the time the kids were home. I was a single mother at the time and putting my kids in first place was always my priority.

Over the years so many obstacles hit my plans like a bullet and sometimes it seemed relentless. I had a vision, though, and nothing was going to stop me. At one point I began to really go through hard financial times. I was in a cycle of just losing everything and no matter what I did it seemed like it was just not getting better. The one thing I refused to ever lose was my degree track! I have been determined to end up with a Master’s Degree come heck or high water and I knew it might end up taking both!

Around 2012 I was working for a woman caring for her mentally disabled daughter during the day and going to school online at night. All I could assume was that she was having a financial issue because my paychecks were not coming in the way they were expected to. It was dead in the middle of winter and so cold that year. I think it dipped down into the low 20’s at night real fast. Financial issues began to loom and the first thing to go had to be my internet connection even though I really needed it for school.

So my practice was go to a nearby McDonald’s, Starbucks, or the library, so I could access their free internet to work on my homework. One particular night I was really struggling with my emotions with it all. I had come to the end of my last nerve and I really wanted to break down and cry. I was in the library, so I figured that might not have been a great time to do that. My feet were cold, my brain was tired, and all I could think of was “Dear Jesus, please help me get through this so I could go home and sleep!”

I decided to go into my car and play some praise music to get my spirit stronger again and maybe my emotions in check. I reached into the middle compartment in my car to grab a CD and right there in the change area was a FIVE DOLLAR BILL! I know that does not seem like a lot of money but to me it was like a million! I immediately went to the nearest place to get a coffee and something to eat! Its amazing what a little food and coffee will do for a persons emotions! I listened to praise music all the way there and back to the library. This time I sat there with my laptop and a coffee in my hand. The coffee tasted like it was sent right from heaven!

Sometimes we need words of encouragement. Sometimes it might be a good night sleep or for God to touch our spirit. Yet, others we might just need God to touch our experience and therefore strengthen our spirit. This time He did both! I’m not sure if it is true all of the time but that particular night all I needed was Jesus and coffee to get me through to the next day! (I got an “A” on my paper I was working on)!

Something happens to the human spirit when we know we received a miracle! Every miracle is special, even when it is a sudden discovery of a small amount of money that gave us everything we needed just for the moment!

Keeping In Faith AND Coffee,

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

800-421-1765 for prayer


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