Your Negativity Shows and Can Be Felt

If you have listened to any of my YouTube videos you might have heard me say, “You announce yourself before you enter a room! It’s true! Your aura field goes far beyond encircling your body. It extends outward from your body and can be felt by those who pick up on energy signals easily. Even for those who are unaware, they might feel something “different” but not understand why they feel that way. The reason I chose the title of this blog post is many of us seem to believe we can hide behind some candy coating and think no one feels their digs, senses their negative competitiveness and even their pettiness.

In fact, we can often read energy through words, posts online, from a distance through meditation and other ways. Someimes I notice others packing their online posts with statements that seem candy cool, but are really manipulative digs about others around them. If they only knew they are not revealing anyone else, they are revealing themselves.

I struggled with writing this post because it is not the most uplifting thing in the world, but it is honest and I always teach what is as honest as possible. The hard part about being an empath is we tend to know from the beginning when someone is being manipulative and scandelous. Yes, it happens. What I do is send love and good healing energy to them hoping they will see that life moves from others are not always about them. I see candy coated manipulation from those with narcissistic tendencies. Not everyone who acts like a narcicisst is actually one who has been diagnosed with the personality disorder, by the way. Some do in fact have narciccistic tendencies and some of the personality traits. Usually we find those who have some of the traits pointing fingers at others calling them narcissists! I find this a bit amusing although its not really funny. “Like does in fact attract like” so it is not out of the question for a person with narcissistic tendencies to attract a diagnosed narcissist. I suppose this can happen as much as an empath can attract a narcissist.

I guess what I have seen is a type of passive aggressiveness. I kind of meditated on this for a bit because it was intriguing to me that they could not see the smoke screen around themselves. Unfortunately, they are blissfully unaware that others can see their manipulation and feel their energy even from a distance. Sad thing is we get back what we put out there. That is the way our Universe works and eventually all of that manipulative energy will pour right back out at them. Im sorry this is not the cheeriest post I have made but it is one that is both observational and instructional. Keep your eyes and spiritual energy feelers open. You will see what I mean eventually! While you are at it, protect your own energy. Do some good mind, body, spirit self care and make sure you are in alignment!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry

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