Reiki Healing and Christianity

Dr. Mikao Usui 

In my current research I have found more and more medical professionals are recognizing the value of Reiki in healing ailments. Counselors and therapists are recognizing the value of Reiki healing for their patients with anxiety, depression, and emotional scars from the past. The one area that is now beginning to see the value in Reiki is in within the realm of religion and belief.

Those of the Christian faith often struggle with the question as to whether Reiki is right for them or not. Yet, most Christians accept medication for mental illnesses and physical problems. Also, where would we be if individuals were not trained as surgeons when an appendix is about to burst? Regardless of religious belief, an appendectomy can save someone’s life! At some point in history Christianity has learned to accept that sometimes God heals through the hands of a surgeon, or medications and other scientific means.

More Christian believers are beginning to see the value of Reiki as a great addition to their healing process; body, mind, and spirit. Reiki itself is not a religion and carries no doctrine, and no faith aspect at all. The word Reiki is a Japanese word which means “spiritual energy” or “universal life energy“.  The roots of Reiki begin with a Japanese Christian Monk named Dr. Mikao Usui, whose heart had a great desire to see individuals healed and whole. His seeking led to what we now call Usui Reiki Healing.

Dr. Usui’s pioneering of Reiki healing techniques have brought many back to the basics of holistic or non traditional healing. This is not to say modern medicine should be shunned. Where would we be without it? Yet, adding Reiki to every day practice can bring amazing balancing and healing results. The key is using Reiki energy often, not just once. Just as with other energy type modalities such as Yoga, Tai Chi, or QiGong, Reiki is  not only a healing modality, it is a lifestyle.

Living the Reiki life is one of love, acceptance, healing, and graciousness. To live Reiki is to live in peace and compassion with all beings. Even like modern medicine, practice makes it stronger and more effective. Reiki healers, and instructors, are those who carry compassion with them in their hearts becoming a channel of loving energy which is given lavishly from our God created universe.

Reiki uses hands on healing, and can be used complimentary to Christianity or any form of faith based belief. Just as one might pray to God before a serious operation, one might pray right before each Reiki practice or healing. Every Reiki master is unique and different from all others because we are all unique.

An individual mentioned to me not long ago that God is probably mad at me for being a Reiki practitioner and instructor. She felt my life was probably messed up because of it. For one, I don’t feel my life is messed up! I believe my journey unfolds as it is meant to.  Plus, my life is better for having Reiki in it, not worse. My faith is enhanced not taken from me. My Christ centered beliefs are made stronger for the practice, not the other way around.

Should Christians practice and receive Reiki? I still believe it’s an individual choice, but it’s a good choice! Reiki traditions uphold the highest standards of compassion and integrity. Healing others and bringing peace within our world is noble, not lacking in faith. Jesus’ choice to heal others was questioned in His day. How could anyone be evil when they love enough to heal? In the same respect, bringing a source of healing and rejuvenation to others, I believe, is from God, not against Him! Why would an opponent of God want healing for anyone?

If you are a Christian and you desire Reiki in your life, please find out more before you decide against it! If it is not for you, then bless you! If it IS for you, you will truly be blessed!

Loving you from here,

Dr Jenine Marie Howry, PhD