Sometimes Life Creates a Storm

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When it storms here in Texas, believe me, you can hear it and feel it. It’s like all creation is causing a disturbance. At first, it was pretty scary to me. I had never heard thunder that loud and never had to experience a tornado watch before. When there is a storm emergency, we take shelter or move away from it until it subsides or permanently if there is damage.

Like the Texas storm, sometimes there are storms in life we need to either find shelter or walk away from. We are aware that they exist because they speak loudly to us. There is no escaping the sound, but we can escape the effects of storms around us. Some battles are just simply not ours to fight. Sometimes we get tired of the fight. Either way, it’s not worth creating our own storm or echoing its roar.

Life is like that. Sometimes we face good weather, and sometimes we have to get away from the damage the bad weather can create if we don’t. Some storms are just a little rain. Rain happens in every life, and usually, it’s bearable. For rain, all we need is an umbrella or choose to allow ourselves to get right in the middle of it and get wet. We choose our battles. If we live long enough, we come to know what is just a little rain and an all-out storm that will damage our lives or souls.

Learn to listen, watch, intuit, and discern. If you are experiencing a storm that might escalate, it is time to take cover or move from it before it causes you damage. If you have some rain, enjoy the cleansing because rain will do that too if you feel like doing a childlike jump in the puddles and enjoy life anyway. The rain will stop, if that is all it is, and you will have at least had some enjoyment from it.

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, Ph.D.

Here is Your Weekly Wisdom! The Storm


The storm always passes eventually and this one will too!

You have probably heard the expression, “this too shall pass”. If not, take it in now. Lately our country has faced a lot of natural storms. If you are alive you will always have storms in your life. There is no getting away from them. Seasons pass year to year and as humans we have them as well. Isn’t it like God to cycle everything created? I know you probably wish the storms would just go away but they are a fact of life. The bible says, “it rains on the just and unjust alike.” Remember this truth when you think you are the only one. You are not!

There are times when it is so tempting to give up in the midst of the storm. There might also be times when you will end up having to yield to the storm as it passes through. Within the experience there is a choice just like with natural storms. You can rebuild or walk away. The choice is yours to evaluate which one you desire.

Remember God is in you and outside of you as well. You are never ever alone in any storm. Jesus walked on water defying the laws of nature. I read once if you want to walk on water you have to get out of the boat.  There is actually a book about this written by John Ortberg if you want to check it out. This tells you that some storms require movement on your part.

Whatever your decision in the midst of a storm, remember the eye of the storm will give you a breather to strengthen for the next round. You will survive and when you look back it will only be a memory in your head that you can now learn from, forget, and move on. (Just don’t go back and follow the storm!) Once it passes it has passed. Leave it there.

Love you from here!

Dr. Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries LLC