Bleed It Out My Dear

th0UQQ2EAJI don’t want to seem graphic here, but this is the truth; women know how to bleed. Our bodies have been created that way for obvious reasons; to have children. For us, bleeding and producing seem to go hand in hand. We are miracle makers and sometimes even world shakers! Lovable creatures that we are, we can also be profoundly ugly, especially when something or someone we love is threatened in some way. We are protective, territorial, and we love to be detectives and explore others lives and passions.

But, we do bleed, and it has its productive purpose. When we don’t we suffer. Literally. I bet at this point you are trying to figure out where I am going with this, right? Basically, I am joining the analogy with our emotional need to bleed out our “stuff”. Every now and then it is so important to dump all of the residue from the inside out in order to get clear on what is important in life. This is not only a suggestion for you my dear. It is necessary!

Let me explain.

When you allow your wounds to fester, and then let them be covered over with hardened scars, you allow bitter elements to come through into your life. You become the manifestation of the very thing that hurt you. If you don’t believe me, do some inventory. I guarantee you will find that this is the truth.

The solution?

Something I have often said, is we really need someone to listen to our hurts. This has to be someone we trust. On an even higher level, we need God to listen to our hurts. He is right there with you all of the time. No need to “conjure” Him up. Just acknowledge He is there and His presence will be easy to notice.

The amazing results are this.

The miraculous benefits of bleeding out your personal wounds is that they are opened up to allow those wounds the air they need to heal. Jesus has a spiritual bloodline that is so powerful and when we allow His bloodline to filter ours, bleeding out those wounds is so much easier than we could ever have imagined. In order to be productive we can not have those bitter issues coming through every thing our hands touch in this world. Our lives deserve more than that.

It’s very simple.

Just do the work, and ask God to help you though it. It might be a process, but it will be one with great rewards and will produce wonderful new fruit in your life!

With Love,

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching



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