Here Is Your Weekly Wisdom! From Where to Take Your Lessons In Life


This is a very different weekly wisdom than my usual ones. It has some depth to it. I was tossed as to whether I wanted to make it a regular blog post or my weekly wisdom post. I think it brings wisdom so I am putting it here! I will write it out as I “heard” it inside me.

“Take your lessons in life from the place you began this life on earth; your mothers womb.
It is a place where you can hear the very heartbeat of someone who anticipates your arrival. This is where cells are actively dividing and transforming, where God’s universe automatically supports your existence, and where you are automatically fed, automatically nurtured, automatically kept warm, and comforted. This is a place where you are complete with God and God alone. There is nothing else you need to ask for because it has all been given to you already. You are protected and whole just as you are for each moment of development, regardless to where that is. Every phase is a perfect one, every change leads to the next. There is nothing more important then what is happening right at this moment and darkness is never a fearful issue but a place where the most amazing metamorphosis takes place; your development and growth.”

Just as your mother’s womb was a place for you to be surrounded by all that feeds and protects you, the same is true about your existence and life on earth. You are surrounded, protected, and fed by the God of the Universe. It’s all perfect in design and your life is never a mistake but a transformation always evolving and in process.

Loving you from here!

Dr. Jenine Marie Howry