Be In Integrity. Be Who You ARE

I think the first thing that comes to mind when we speak of the word “integrity” is our moral compass or morality. Yes, it is that and yet it is also more than that. Being in integrity is presenting ourselves according to who we truly are from the inside out.

These days it’s an act of bravery to even approach our inner self and allow others to see it all. We feel we have to hide behind standards set up by society or others who are close to us so they can be comfortable. Or do we have to subject ourselves to others’ criticism because we are not like them? Who said we had to be like everyone else? Isn’t this whole planet searching for a way to accept our diversity? So, why is it so hard to express ourselves with full integrity, and have our own opinions, vocations, and moral compass? Why do we tend to feel we have to recoil inside of ourselves so other people can be comfortable while we are the ones who are suffering?

Honestly, and I mean honestly, we have every right to be completely who we are in front of others with full integrity. If it makes them uncomfortable, then so be it. Right? We don’t have to be conflicting, combative, or make things complicated. All we need to really do is share the value of acceptance. I think acceptance is something we all truly desire in our lives. We want and desire the acceptance of our true selves without having to compromise our integrity. We want the honest part of ourselves to be able to be exposed to all of the scrapes and burns we have had to endure along the way and have that all be alright with those around us.

So, do we need more strength and healing so we can stand in the shadows of those who might scoff at our reality? Because truly, who is living our lives? Certainly not anyone else but ourselves. Right? And who will be there when we close our eyes for the last time? We come into this life as a sole being; a newly planted soul. We go out of this existence the same exact way. We move into the place we came from a newly planted soul in a new environment. At least that is how I choose to believe.

Lately, I know I have wanted to be more of who I really am with no compromise no matter what others think or say. It’s a learned strength, believe me. So I want to teach healing and how to bring more love into this world. Is that a crime? It’s not funny and it does not make people laugh out loud, but it’s me. It’s completely me. It’s why I am here. I can’t speak for anyone else, but being in integrity, for me, is to be the healer I was raised to be. It’s a fine line I have to try to walk because I am human. None of us are perfect and in spirit, if we are in the body. We are human. That means we will struggle with issues, and others, problems, and all of the worldly stuff and junk that comes up along the way.

I know my struggle is to be accepted for who I really am and to be able to reveal it. So my message to you today is to be in integrity. Be who you truly are. Watch how some people might leave your life, but also watch how others will flow right into your life. We attract who we are and that is a universal law. It’s always true. All we need to do is learn to let go, let God, and be who we really really are. Right?

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Kent-Howry <—–who I AM.

Life Lessons By Jenine Marie

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