Returning to Ourselves

Have you awakened to understand you are born to love?
Have you awakened to understand you are born to love?

Have you ever awakened one day to feel like you have been on a journey, moving down a pathway you suddenly don’t recognize? There are so many elements in life that hit us and sometimes all at once. We often tend to get jammed up or just plain caught up in the details of everyday living. Distractions come at us continually like comets flying through the sky surrounding us, and before we know it, we are lost somewhere, not remembering why we are even here or what we are doing.

Are we lost? Maybe. I can change the maybe to a definitely since cycles we go through in this world constantly teach us the right way to go. Yet we are so caught up and distracted by everyday drama, trying to get ahead, or relationship issues. So much movement and we are getting nowhere faster.

Can you close your eyes and just say, “Stop!” for a minute? Stop the drama, worry, movement in the wrong directions, and pulling one another down to a level of disruption instead of lifting each other up. Stop and just allow yourself to feel. What is going on in there? Is there disruption, or is there an eruption of the newness of life and love? If there is disruption, take more than a moment and do as Marianne Williamson put out there in her book, “A Return to Love.” Can you return completely to love?

As I meditate, I often wonder if we have come so far away from true love, or is it that we have not yet wholly found it? Have we ever really, truly loved, or has it been light-years away, lost in some cosmic energy field? I have to believe that the One who created us with so much originality and power gave us everything we could possibly need to find the One who is completely love. Then when we look hard enough, stay focused enough, we discover that the love of our Creator is in everything and everyone alive on this planet.

The planet itself is alive! How could we even watch the seasons, see the animals and plants grow, or witness the birth of a newborn baby and not believe that love has had us all in its grasp all along? We have just been too busy to remember how powerful we are and how much love gives to us daily. We are born from a divine inspiration that is perfect in every way! How could we not pass that inspiration along to everyone we see and encounter?

A while back, I was blessed to meet author Barbara Rose, better known as “Born to Inspire,” and the best-selling author of about 33 plus books. Meeting her in person was inspiration itself and a reminder that we are not just born to live, work and then pass to another form. We are here “on purpose.” We are here to inspire. We are here to love and to be loved! Are you waking up now?

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, Ph.D.

When You are Most Suggestable

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Arising in the morning is a very sacred time, and I will tell you why. It is the most suggestable time of the day. Your very first 5 – 10 minutes upon waking are exactly like a hypnotic state. This is the time when your unconscious mind is still very active and suggestibility is very strong.

So, what does this mean for you? It means upon waking, as soon as you are able to have a conscious thought, your unconscious mind is “listening”. It will take in your thoughts as suggestions just as if you were going through a guided hypnosis session. Only this is natural hypnosis! Remember, thoughts create. Whatever you choose to think about or not think about will begin to rule how your day is going to unfold.

How can you use this to help you? First of all, do NOT look at your phone first thing. (I am guilty of this too!). Your first moments awake should be given only to yourself. After all, this is what guides your day. If you look at your phone first thing, you are giving your power over to whatever it is you read off of your phone. Leave the phone alone! Wait until you have had your moment together with yourself.

Grab your coffee, get up and do your routine as you usually do, but think positive and affirmative thoughts! Spend the first moments from the second you think, to the moment you open your eyes, to the time you get out of bed, as sacred moments. These are reserved for YOU! This is how God has created us as beings. When we awaken we are open to suggestion. It is the most creative time of the day.

Choose wisely! Consider before you go to sleep what you will think about as soon as you awaken. Refuse anything less than positive and affirmative thinking! When those moments have passed, then attend to your phone, brush your teeth, etc. I challenge you to give this a try for at least a week and then go back and examine how your week has unfolded. Use affirmations and guide your day in the form of “I Am” statements.


“I am abundant and my day will be filled with abundant blessing.”

” I am trustable and everyone I encounter will welcome me with a trusting heart.”

“I am creative. Today, I will be inspired with wisdom and divine creativity.”

You can choose one thing to work on or a different affirmation every day. Or you can simply meditate upon how you want your day to unfold. See yourself as happy. See everyone around you as happy, laughing, joy filled, and productive. For those whom you have conflict with, surround them with love in your first morning moments! You will be surprised what can develop out of your first moments of suggestion as you awaken to each day!

Loving you from here,

Dr Rev Jenine Marie Howry, PhD