When You are Most Suggestable

Arising in the morning is a very sacred time, and I will tell you why. It is the most suggestable time of the day. Your very first 5 – 10 minutes upon waking are exactly like a hypnotic state. This is the time when your unconscious mind is still very active and suggestibility is veryContinue reading “When You are Most Suggestable”

Here is Your Weekly Wisdom!

“During the weakest moments in your life, is where you will find your greatest strength.” Dr. Jenine  It’s truly amazing the things that can come out of the darkest and hardest times in life. There is something about weak or strained moments that tend to bring out the greatest things in human beings. Take SamsonContinue reading “Here is Your Weekly Wisdom!”

Scapegoat Mentality

Back in Biblical times there was a sacrificial animal called the “scapegoat”. When the Levite priests did ceremony to cleanse the people of sins, the sins were symbolically placed into the animal and then it was sent out into the wilderness. It ran off carrying the sins of the people with it. In modern days,Continue reading “Scapegoat Mentality”