A Lesson from the Cross We Don’t Always Think About

Easter weekend always brings a sense of spring, good weather, celebration, family, and food. Alright, these days sometimes the weather is not all the greatest around. But Easter brings up thoughts of chocolate, hard boiled and dyed eggs, leg of lamb and family gatherings. In the Christian church the focus is on Jesus, the cross,Continue reading “A Lesson from the Cross We Don’t Always Think About”

Here Is Your Weekly Wisdom!

Joy comes through mourning~~ I know you have been through grievous times. We all have been through one thing or another at certain times in life. Gods strength has shined brightly through you coming up out of those hard moments when life seems so uncertain. There is a joy that follows the end of theContinue reading “Here Is Your Weekly Wisdom!”

Scapegoat Mentality

Back in Biblical times there was a sacrificial animal called the “scapegoat”. When the Levite priests did ceremony to cleanse the people of sins, the sins were symbolically placed into the animal and then it was sent out into the wilderness. It ran off carrying the sins of the people with it. In modern days,Continue reading “Scapegoat Mentality”

Nail It! What Are You Resurrecting?

As we approach Resurrection Sunday our thoughts are upon the cross and the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus. His laying down of His life has to be the most profound event in all of history. For centuries the cross has been a symbol of salvation, freedom from illness, sinfulness, trauma, and our past.Continue reading “Nail It! What Are You Resurrecting?”