Trust, and the Truth Will Reveal Itself

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As I see it, there are two kinds of truth. There is truth with a capital “T” meaning higher or divine truth. Then there is truth as in the opposite of a lie. The statement in my title is about truth with a small “t” or the opposite of a lie. Lying, deception, setting up things as if they are truth, all seem to be a harsh part of human reality. But who are we kidding here? Nothing is ever gone unseen, especially by what or Who is unseen.

I believe it was Thomas in the Bible who was told by Jesus, “Blessed is he who has not seen and yet still believes.” Jesus was talking about mystical things or divine Truth. Yet, His statement is still as profound about the opposite of a lie. Sometimes we see things and think we know what is true. Sometimes we don’t see things, and yet, there is a gut hunch as to what is true or not. Gut hunches are interesting. Not many know or understand that we are spoken to through our gut, or stomach. In fact, the stomach has neurotransmitters just like our brains do.

I love gut instinct or intuition because it gives me a hunch to go and investigate more. Over the years I have come to trust that intuition and the investigation together. When a lie presents itself I am reminded of what Naomi spoke to Ruth in the Book of Ruth in the Bible. She said, “Wait, my daughter, until you find out what happens.” What she meant was, if we wait on the truth it will reveal itself. There is a real reason for this. It’s because the truth is stronger than a lie. Jesus proved this to us when He was questioned concerning his actions and His identity before He went to the cross. Jesus said nothing. He kept silent. One reason, is the truth needs no defense. The other, is He knew the truth would reveal itself eventually.

You see, nothing, and I mean NOTHING, gets past God. Eventually we all know what is a lie and what is the truth. I like to think I have learned from the best of the best. When I question a situation of any kind I like to go silent. Or if my honest actions are questioned in any way, I also like to go silent.

This happened to me at one time in a work environment. I was brought before my higher management because my immediate manager was upset that I had to leave my desk and run to the restroom quite a bit. I also had to eat at my desk, which was piled with work every single day. You see, I was pregnant and in the earlier stages. My manager also had a knack for piling more work on me than I really should have. She was filing her nails and making personal phone calls on the job. She sat right behind me. I had already had a miscarriage from the stress she caused me, among other things. So, there I was, before the elite, just like Jesus was. I was being accused of doing things contrary to my job description. I guess being pregnant really was not so acceptable in the workplace back in those days. Laws have been created to protect pregnant women and their jobs.

I was always a good employee. I never complained and even worked at home when I had more than I could bear at work. I put in more hours than anyone I had knowledge of, and yet there I was, on “trial” for having to “pee” more often? Sounds crazy even now. Yet it was serious. I was at risk of losing my job over my pregnant state and new needs in order to function. I did defend myself. I told the truth about my manager right in front of her and the vice presidents of the place I worked, but it did no good. What did I do? I stopped talking and I went silent. I backed out of the office and out of their lives.

In about 3 months I received a phone call. The accusing manager was fired because they began to watch her and discovered all I had stated about her was the truth. I was not offered my job back, nor did I want it. What I did receive was higher than anything money could have bought. I learned the lesson Jesus and Naomi gave. “Trust, and the truth will reveal itself. ” 

As I write this, I am trusting. Aside from this message, I am being silent in a situation. Honestly, I do not understand people at the moment. Maybe it’s because I really don’t understand that so many don’t even realize just WHO is watching them. Maybe some have become hard in their hearts. Maybe some have just plain not cared about anyone but themselves. All could be possible. Still, I believe in the ability for humans to have compassion. Still, I believe in the truth, both the opposite of a lie and the higher Truth.

Situations can come and go, but honesty, integrity, love, and truth are forever. The lessons we learn from the moments we live are more valuable than anything anyone could ever say about us or accuse us of. Oh people will always lie. We lie to ourselves every day of our lives. It’s the purposeful deceit and lies that I have a hard time understanding.

There is another account concerning Jesus in the Bible that I have always loved. There will be a day when we shall see Him face to face, and in an instant we shall be like Him. In the face of the most influential being in all of history, nothing, and I mean, nothing, can ever be hidden. All is revealed. Just like that moment we stand in the face of the higher Truth. Whether we think so or not, ALL is revealed right at this moment. We were created with God inside of our DNA. He is inside of us. How could He not know the truth about us?

Silent from here,

Dr Rev Jenine Marie Howry, PhD

Loving Yourself While Loving God

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You were not meant to be a sacrificial lamb but one who holds onto the lamb who died to give you an abundant life. God never called you to sacrifice but to love yourself so that you can love others in return.

Learn a lesson from this teaching about staying in integrity to that love. Let your “yes” stay a yes and your “no” to remain a no when it comes to virtue, morality, and Christ light. Watch!


Love you from here,

Dr. Jenine Marie Howry

Defining Who You Are (An Emotional Moment and Video)

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Hello Everyone,

I hope this video helps someone, or maybe everyone, understand their value and how much we need them on this earth. We are all a part of one humanity and we all affect the lives of others. We need you! So please watch and pass this on to someone who you believe needs to hear it!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Jenine Marie Howry

People Marveled at Jesus’ Ability to “Know”. Do You Want to Experience Mystical Things?

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“Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did. Could this be the Messiah?” John 4:29

The biblical account of the Samaritan woman was only one example of how people in Jesus’ day were absolutely amazed by His ability to know things. Throngs of people followed after Him just to see what He would do next. Would He heal the blind or deliver someone from demonic oppression? People have not changed much over the centuries. We love the mystical and to witness the ability to know things. The church is mystical and people are mystical. If this is true, then why are we so hesitant when the mystical appears, and so quick to judge the experience?

I agree, we need a sense of discernment when it comes to mystical experiences. Yet, often I feel that there is a sense of pushing away that which is a sign from God because our discernment is out to lunch. God is mystical and mysterious. The bible tells us that even Holy Spirit will lead us into all mysteries. Is that exciting or what? Take someone like me, who loves to investigate a good mystery and my heart is fascinated and intrigued.

We might want to remind ourselves that not everything mystical is the occult. God reveals Himself through us using mystical means. It just means it’s a mystery as to how He does it. There are some things we just don’t see while we still have skin on. Our humanness tends to want to block the treasure of what and Who we carry.

Would you like to see the mystical in your life? Then ask God! God’s word tells us “we have not because we ask not.” God wants us to ask, to desire and see things as He does. Also, what we focus upon is what tends to manifest in our lives. If we focus upon seeing mystical revelations then that is what we will receive. Isn’t that amazing? It does work, and it works every single time! Why not give it a try? What do you have to lose, accept maybe a little skepticism. Your faith will thank you!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries LLC. 


You Need Soul Care and Why

IMG_20170904_140736_219Are you curious as to what soul care is and how it can help every aspect of your life? Soul care goes into the depths of a person and finds the amazing vision that God has set inside of each and every one of us. We all have messiness inside but we all have great things that were made in the image of God. Caring for the soul brings out those amazing things.

We are body, mind, and soul and they all work together with one another. I guess you could say we are a trinity like our creator! Why care for only the body and mind but leave the soul unexplored and not excavated ? Who knows what things can be unearthed when soul care is applied to ones life!

Let me ask you something. When is the last time you thought about the vision God has placed inside of you for your life? Do you dwell on surface problems and issues that never seem to be solved? Can I give you a pointer? Dealing with surface issues will never heal you nor does it have the power to change your life! In order for something to be life changing it has to touch you at a soul level. That is what God does through His Holy Spirit through soul care between one another. We work toward bringing out the best parts of you that lay below the surface of all the junk dealt with on a daily basis.

Do you need someone to facilitate soul care? How about dealing with soul scars and soul ties? A liberated spirit who shines the light if Christ is one who has been set free from the bondage stuck within ones soul. We all have these things, and we all should be working on soul care as much as we go to the doctor for the body, or a counselor for care of the mind.

Lets release the things you were destined to know and understand about yourself in Christ Jesus! Soul care is waiting for you and freedom is within your grasp.

If you need to find out more about soul care sessions, please call me at 800-421-1765 or email me at

I can provide session via phone or in person.

God bless you!

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries 

The Dirty Little Secret

IMG_20170904_140736_219I can’t wait for you to watch this video because I feel deep in my heart that the church and people of God are coming to a place of new understanding. This is to walk in the grace of God and not judgement or pointing fingers. Our position as the Body of Christ is not to judge others but to love them as Christ loves us. The church is a driving force here on earth in order to push back the darkness. She is not to be the darkness but to be the light of Jesus Christ. God bless you in your hearing!

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries 


Are You Backing Into a Tomb? Lazarus Come Forth!

11988378_10153670839814255_4027848974804248960_nThe Lord’s promise is if we were to wake and find ourselves sitting in darkness that He would be the light that shines to bring us through. Sometimes life causes us to back into a dead place. Maybe we think God has forgotten us or that we have made too many mistakes to fulfill our calling or destiny. Take heart, Jesus is calling you forth!




Are You an Empty Vessel?

bear-canyon-falls-1I remember one particular church service I attended where everyone was asked to go and stand in front of a large picture that had the most meaning for us. One that I aspired to at the moment was a painting of a large waterfall splashing down into a lake. It was symbolic of Holy Spirit pouring into a “body”. In this case it was a body of water but symbolically a person.

I remember asking God, and myself, why I felt so drawn to that particular image. It wasn’t hard to come up with the answer for myself. I had been poured out and I needed to be refilled so desperately. I remember putting both my hands up onto that image and planting my forehead against it. To the background sound of music playing “How Great is Our God”, I deeply asked God what it was that I needed, because I really did not know.

As I closed  my eyes, I pointed my head upward and could feel the tears beginning to roll down my face. I knew I was spent. Every last drop of God inside of me felt like it was given out and for some reason my reserve just was not being refilled. I was doing all of the things I knew to do. I prayed in the Spirit, worshiped to great music, read the word of God, and asked God to be refilled. Nothing was changing though. It was like I had hit a brick wall.

Here was my issue. I was giving out faster than I was even taking in and my spiritual recharge just was not happening. God was calling me to a time to let Him fill my vessel while just being in His rest. I was entering into a season of not pouring out to anyone and it felt unsettling. After all, isn’t that what we are supposed to do?

The church service was beginning to disburse and I just sat down right there on the floor cross legged in front of that image with tears moving faster than I could catch them. I realized that day that I had given out so much to everyone else around me that I was not taking in anything for myself. My vessel was continually running on empty. I thought to myself, “I should be roaring, like a spirit filled lion spouting off like a fountain, moving in the Spirit, and spilling out in all directions.” That was not the case though. I was more like a sputtering vehicle whose gas tank was running on nothing but fumes.

I wish I could say that God spoke profoundly and gave me a word to hang onto but that was not the case really. If God gives me a word, He knows I will go off and share it, spew it out, and make it useful to someone. The reality was; He wanted to just fill me, give to me, and love on me. Go figure huh?

I walked out that day realizing that I was a walking empty vessel and I needed an emergency overhaul. My new mantra became, “Fill me Lord, and help me to keep it for myself.” I needed a fresh baptism of Holy Spirit; a holy recharge. I had forgotten one of the most important things when it comes to being Spirit filled. I forgot to take care of my own needs first. It’s alright to do that, you know?

My mantra continued for awhile as I allowed God to fill me once more.  My prayer language began spouting out softly to the throne of God as He continued to send more of the spiritual river to bathe me from the inside out. Being in God’s presence is a spiritual recharge we can never ever deny ourselves. It’s so easy to forget that Jesus personally died for us as individuals as we serve Him. He cares for our needs, always.

From then on I began to remind myself that I come first in Him or nothing happens at all accept I become drained. Jesus never called us to be a sacrifice. He already did that for us all. He called us to service, to love, to give of our reserve. If there is no well, then there is nothing left to give.

Today I pray your well to be filled and for you to take time to allow God to fill your vessel.

Father, pour out a holy baptism of Your Spirit and fill each person to overflowing. Remind us all that we are first in Your book, the apple of Your eye, and the one that Jesus felt we were worth dying for. I ask for each reader to receive “more” than even expected. There is no such thing as an overdose of Holy Spirit!

Pastor Jenine Marie


Take Back What You THINK You Lack

Hello! I wanted to send this message via video for a change. I pray healing in your midst and that you find your self worth in Christ Jesus!



Pastor Jenine Marie Howry


Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries