Honor All Life, but Remember YOU are Life Too!

One of my many ministerial agreements upon ordination is to “honor all life”. Sometimes that is a hard thing to do when not every action is honorable. Maybe I should say, some actions are not honorable. All I can say in this circumstance is to see the God part of a person and separate itContinue reading “Honor All Life, but Remember YOU are Life Too!”

Here Is Your Weekly Wisdom!

You will never completely arrive. Life is a learning process. It’s a transformation that will continue through all of your life. Give yourself a break.  This is a message to be easy on yourself. Sometimes we get so caught up on judging ourselves and every move we make.  If you make a mistake, acknowledge it,Continue reading “Here Is Your Weekly Wisdom!”

Are You Authentic or a Knock Off?

I know, it’s a strange title isn’t it? I was thinking about fashion today and designers. Lately, I have been interested in fashion and how to create a wardrobe that will interchange and match to create several outfits on a budget. In my seeking, I have seen a lot of great designer things and alsoContinue reading “Are You Authentic or a Knock Off?”

Loving Yourself While Loving God

You were not meant to be a sacrificial lamb but one who holds onto the lamb who died to give you an abundant life. God never called you to sacrifice but to love yourself so that you can love others in return. Learn a lesson from this teaching about staying in integrity to that love.Continue reading “Loving Yourself While Loving God”