Memorial Day is NOT Just a Three Day Weekend!

For many people in this country, the upcoming Memorial Day is about having a three-day weekend to bar-b-que, have friends over, go on a short vacation or just relax. Retail stores, outlets and places to purchase treasures are all having those notorious Memorial Day Sales events where we can buy things at 20% off or more. In fact, I noticed this year that the Memorial Day sales started earlier than usual. It’s like the department stores want to get a jump on making the almighty dollar earlier and earlier. While I always love a great sale, a fun bar-b-que and all, it is hard to witness many who have completely forgotten why we have this special day, to begin with.

Let me tell you the honest truth. Memorial Day is not a fun day for me. In fact, the whole Memorial weekend stinks. The reason I feel this way is because my firstborn son is not here to celebrate any weekends or special moments where things are on sale and people gather to drink beer or celebrate and relax at the beach. My son served his country and now we live without him here. I’m a proud Mama. I love his courage, his desire to do something for his country that is meaningful, and his tenacity in the face of a system that is partially broken. Yes, I am talking about our US Military. Anyone who has served knows it is not an easy life and the chance of risking one’s life is always there.

Since the inception of our country, men and now women, have fought to keep our country a place of freedom and safety. Men and women are deployed for months and often more at a time to fight battles in places we don’t even live on behalf of peace, fairness, and freedom. Humanity has lost its mind if we think dishonoring our heroes can be captured in moments of shopping sprees and gatherings is a great thing. Real people lose their lives through sacrifice and a sense of duty on behalf of us all.

This should be a moment of pride, honor, and even mourning. For those of us who have lost our loved ones, Memorial Day is both a time of honor and grief. Believe me, it never ends. The month of May has become the worst month for me of the year. Not only is it the anniversary of my son’s birthday but a three-day weekend reminder that he is no longer with us here on earth.

Please keep in mind there are many people like me who would give up their three-day weekend fun in the sun just to hug their loved ones again. Although it hurts a great deal, I am proud to be the mother of someone who honored his country the best way he could. I will always love him. I will always miss him, and I will always feel every moment of the grief others experience alongside me during our Memorial weekend. It was created to honor and remember the fallen. Let’s keep things in perspective. PLEASE!

Loving you from here,

Jenine Marie

“Military grieving mom and one who keeps things in perspective.”

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Honoring Others Decisions and Choices

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If you think this post is going to be about acceptance and boundaries, you are right! Both acceptance and boundaries go together with decisions and choices of others. They also apply to ourselves as well. As I write this, I have to say, as a mother it has been a hard lesson. I spent so many years of my life caring for my children it has been hard to get out of that mode. Once children become adults they have their own choices to make, create their own mistakes to learn from, and lead their own lives. Along with this comes boundaries regarding our children’s choices and lives. Advice is good, interfering not good and would have not a good ending.

Children who have grown also have the responsibility of their own autonomy; meaning they take responsibility of their own lives and the pitfalls of the bigger mistakes. It’s part of adulting and part of learning from mistakes. Within their mistakes there is no place for blame of others. Their lives become their own. Honoring their lives is our responsibility, with love, and with compassion even if we don’t understand.

Honoring decisions is a lesson with all people on earth. This includes choices as to whether we are vaccinated or not, as to what we choose to eat, what our vocation choice is and who we voted for. Yes, I just went there! We don’t choose who has a relationship with whom and we should not attempt to choose an individual’s relationship with themselves and the decisions they make. In the Bible the Apostle Paul supported the right to allow others their own journey. He instructed if we are to go to someone’s home for dinner and they choose to eat meat then honor their choice. For spirituality is not about whether we eat meat or not, but what we choose spiritually and how we treat one another. Let ‘s put it in todays terms. If I go on a Keto diet it basically is no one else’s business what I eat or don’t eat. No one can choose my husband and no one can choose who I vote for in any election. If I live a life of solitude for serenity then leave me in peace. If I choose a time to be social then respect my values and beliefs as I would yours.

Let me also put this universally and from God’s perspective. When any one of us refuses to embrace the life choices of another, we refuse also ourselves. We disrespect ourselves when we impose our views on others and we disrespect our oneness. We can advise and teach, not impose our values and ideas on others. We can have a conversation but that conversation should include grace and love, otherwise we should be ready to face reaping what we sow. Yes, I mean Karma in not such a good way. If we lack acceptance and respect or honor, we will receive the same back and many times over. It is our responsibility to agree to disagree with grace, style, and honor.

Even writing this I know some can go, “but what about this, or that?” What about it? Let me ask you this, “Is it your responsibility to rule the world, and if so, who gave you that job?” Part of diversity is accepting our diverse parts in society. Yes, you heard me, accept and also honor. You might not agree and that is alright. That means not pushing your agenda on others because you are so stuck in your “rightness” that you can not see the disrespect you are creating among your fellow humanity.

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, Ph.D.

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Here is Your Weekly Wisdom! Honor All Life


Sometimes it’s hard to think of giving honor to those who might be a whole lot less than honorable in their deeds. I believe if we all think back for a moment, we can each come up with a time when we were less than honorable. I could never credit a dishonoring act or action, but I do know I can honor the life of a person even if I can’t honor their deeds.

Today’s weekly wisdom took longer than it usually does for me. I’m a bit behind the grid. Today, set your intention to honor a life that you have felt has been less than honorable in deeds. Close your eyes and wrap love around the person. You don’t have to approve of their actions to love them as a human, and at a distance, if that is what is needed.

Your heart will grow in the process and love will enter in a different way. Intend to uphold love for that person the entire day if you can.  You might not be able to honor the deeds or actions but you can honor life that God created. Within this action you heal yourself and you place healing into the world we live in.

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev Jenine Marie Howry, PhD

If you have trouble with honoring life because of how much someone has hurt you, please feel free to call me for an hour session.  832-484-8303 to inquire more.

Honor All Life, but Remember YOU are Life Too!


One of my many ministerial agreements upon ordination is to “honor all life”. Sometimes that is a hard thing to do when not every action is honorable. Maybe I should say, some actions are not honorable. All I can say in this circumstance is to see the God part of a person and separate it from their actions. We all have wrong actions until we learn otherwise.

Another part of honoring life is honor of the animal kingdom. They serve us well here on earth as companions, and part of the ecosystem, and they are just plain lovely. (At least most of them!) Remember, God gave us dominion over them. We decide what is best for them when they belong to us. Sometimes they are like children. We can’t exactly divide the creation part of them from their actions, though, because they have instinct and basic animal traits that belong uniquely to them.

I know this might not be the most popular view, but honoring all life also means NOT at the expense of ourselves. It makes no difference if we are talking about humans or animals. Jesus taught us to love our neighbor, “as ourselves.” Basically speaking we tend to honor others in the mirror of who we are. Honor has to belong to ourselves first before we can give it. We come first. Honor can mean a lot of things. It can mean caring enough about ourselves to not accept a certain environment, or to need to make decisions that might seem dishonoring but in fact are honorable.

No one can give out of an empty bucket, so the only way to give is from the reflection of having had given to ourselves first. Sometimes stepping away from bad situations might seem like abandonment when it fact it is more like self preservation. Putting others’ needs in front of our own is an honorable thing but if there is nothing to give from, who do we dishonor? Yes, you guessed it: ourselves. When we dishonor ourselves we also dishonor God who lives within us.

Have wisdom in being honorable. Honor the God part of you, honor yourself, fill yourself up, and then make decisions out of that overflow. It might seem selfish but really it’s not. Since when did self care become too selfish? Know God, know yourself and then seek to know others. You will automatically attract honorable people when you are fully honoring to yourself. Plus, you will make honorable decisions when it comes to the lives of those who are around you and also depend on you.

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev Jenine Marie Howry