Giving Value to Another

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Within the borders of love, there are treasures more precious than gold. Our greatest human desires in life are encompassed by these treasures. To give honor to another is to present that person in the greatest light possible. This means to speak highly of them while around them and also whileContinue reading “Giving Value to Another”

Defining Who You Are (An Emotional Moment and Video)

Hello Everyone, I hope this video helps someone, or maybe everyone, understand their value and how much we need them on this earth. We are all a part of one humanity and we all affect the lives of others. We need you! So please watch and pass this on to someone who you believe needsContinue reading “Defining Who You Are (An Emotional Moment and Video)”

Don’t Allow Someone’s Rejection Define You!

It’s pretty common for women who have been in an abusive relationship to continually place their worth and value outside of themselves. Part of the abuse cycle is practically begging the abuser to want you, and part of their abuse is to reject you. This is especially true if the abuser is a narcissist. IContinue reading “Don’t Allow Someone’s Rejection Define You!”